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Student Request for an Advance of Excess Financial Aid
SUNY Empire State College offers an advance of pending financial aid funds of up to $500. These funds are made available to students through the college’s foundation. Effective with the September 2013 semester, all refund advances will be distributed through Higher One. In order to request an advance of your excess financial aid funds, you must: • be expecting a refund of excess financial aid funds equal to or greater than the amount of the advance; and, • be registered and enrolled in the necessary number of credits required for your financial aid award(s), in courses that are applicable to your degree program; and, • meet all eligibility requirements of your financial aid award(s), including: be matriculated in a degree seeking program and maintaining all good academic standing requirements; and any other requirements that are specific to your award(s).

Student Section
Name ____________________________________________________________________________________________ 7-digit ESC student ID No. (not your SSN): ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ Note: Your ESC student ID No. can be found at the top of your account summary available at www.esc.edu/MyESC – click My Records followed by Account Summary. Email address____________________________________________ Phone____________________________________ Amount you are requesting ________________________ for the term_______________________________________ (Requests over the maximum will be reduced to $500) Checks cannot be picked up. If your refund preference is a paper check, please confirm your address on file at Higher One is accurate by visiting http://www.escchoicecard.com. By signing this application, I certify that I meet the above criteria and that these funds will be used for my educational cost of attendance at Empire State College.…...

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