Feminism and Group Rights

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Feminism and Group Rights
The idea of equality and what is fair and just is a completely gray area as we all know. In the struggle for equality, the groups that have suffered the most are women and ethnic minorities. Human Rights Organizations, such as Amnesty International lead the social movement for equal rights for all humans, regardless or race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. Amnesty International is currently the world’s largest grassroots human rights organization. They investigate and expose abuses, educate and mobilize the public, and help transform societies to create a safer, more just world, they even received the Nobel Peace Prize. Combating this inequality is unfortunately not as easy as granting each specific group their own specific rights. Doing so, would in turn end up sacrificing the rights of one group to benefit the rights of another group. Organizations like Amnesty International fight for the rights of individuals facing injustice or oppression. In theory, group rights seem like a necessary function, in order to protect and preserve ethnic groups. When one thinks of group rights, they tend to think of the person of Islamic faith who is allowed to take a break during work when it is time to pray or the Amish community which is granted the rights to maintain their way of life. There are strong movements among different cultures for rights and independents, but sometimes these movements leave behind smaller groups within their culture, like women for example.
Although the idea of group rights is progressive in theory, in practice it can have the adverse effect. The idea of feminism is “the belief that women should not be disadvantaged by their sex, that they should be recognized as having human dignity equally with men, and the opportunity to live as fulfilling and as freely chosen lives as men can.” Group rights can very well be…...

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