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Case Study Fed Ex
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March 21, 2015
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Case Study Fed Ex Fed Ex is a company most of us have heard of. We see the final production side of our packages getting delivered on time or late in some cases. What we do not see is the way that Fed Ex works at incorporating TQM into their business. TQM or Total Quality Management is vital to improve and work and constant improvement in any business, especially one as large as Fed Ex. To incorporate TQM strategies into their business Fed Ex did several things. They implemented QIP (Quality Improvement Program) to accomplish their goals of 100% in the fields of on time deliveries, accurate information availability and customer satisfaction. (Foster.2013. pg. 22). Their statement on QIP included that it “encompasses all of its operations”. (Foster.2013. pg. 22). That is key, every department, every employee would be working together to accomplish these goals. Their philosophy is that quality must be part of how they always do business. (Foster.2013. pg. 22) Not just sometimes but all the time. That ties into W. Edwards Deming’s first of his 14 key principles, “create constancy of purpose.” ("HomePage | The Deming Institute") It also ties into the 5th point of improve constantly because if they are not always working on that quality goal then they are not always working on quality. ("HomePage | The Deming Institute") To create this constant improvement and goal they have instituted Quality action Teams or QAT’s to that “design work processes to support new product and service offerings.” (Foster.2013. pg. 23) They also have SQI’s or Service Quality Indicators that help work the logistics with the eye on the goals of 100% service and satisfaction. Right there having those teams both the QAT and SQI are elements of Deming’s principles and implementations of TQM. They are actively working at resolving…...

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