Facing Poverty with a Rich Girls Habbit

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“Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits”
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“Facing poverty with a rich girl’s habits”

Suki Kim appeared in the New York Times on November 21,2004 where she wrote an article on “Facing Poverty with a rich girl’s habits”. Kim was raised by wealthy parents in South Korea who lost everything overnight and became bankrupt. In South Korea bankruptcy is punishable by jail time so they fled to America. Kim and her parents moved in an meteocre house where the people who owned the house had two sons who became her friends. She wondered why she was called F.O.B. (fresh of the boat) when she flew from Korea to the U.S.. Kim never did anything for herself or on her own such as homework, dishes, cleaning, washing clothes etc... All these things were new to her so she didn’t like doing any them. Kim realized that do to the color of her yellow skin tone she was now labeled Asian. Kim noticed that in Korea Schools were different from American Schools. She asserted that slippers were worn in Korea to keep the floors clean why graffiti were on the walls of American Schools. In Kim ESL (English as second language) class, she hoped to find others like her but the rest of her race had nothing in common because they were poor when they came to the states. Kim learned that her and her fellow F.O.B.’s were separated by generations. According to Kim, coming to America as a teen she felt she was in the middle of the two generations because the first generation was Asian ghetto and the second generation was uptight American. Kim, feeling in the middle can choose to swing either way. Kim felt as if she didn’t understand the differences each culture had. For example Kim wasn’t able to get her ears pierced liked the other American kids. Kim, growing up rich soon realized she had to adjust to a regular and more simple…...

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Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl's Habit

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...The essay I chose to summarize is Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits by Suki Kim. Suki Kim describes how life was different when she moved from Korea to America. She also pointed out how the differently American culture was from her own. Such as when she was in school in Korea they bowed at the teacher every chance they got, but not in America. Based on her Korean culture she felt that it was disrespectful the way America ran their schools with no respect for the teacher. Suki describes how when she was in ESOL, and sadly none of the fellow Korean students had anything in common with her. It did not take long for Suki to discover that most of the Koreans that lived in New York with a decent amount of wealth lived in West Chester or Manhattan. Obviously she didn’t get along with the lower class Koreans because that was not how she grew up in her country. I believe the purpose of this paper was to make other cultures aware of how things are different in every country. Also I believe this was healing and closure for the pain she felt from being rich, then unexpectedly poor and moving to a new country. The audience behind this story was the general public I felt because she wanted to make others aware of how quick life can change. We live in a country where we are used to things being a certain way, but this story can teach so many life lessons. Businesses can be successful and producing great revenue, but tomorrow can go bankrupt we have seen this in with our economy...

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...Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits Patria J Holloway Dr. Gordon Theisen Eng. 115 October 20, 2013 I feel that Suki Kim was a spoiled child. She had a governess, maid, and a chauffeur when she lived in Korea. She didn’t need anything as she was growing up there. Her father was a millionaire from having a shipping company, a mining business and hotels. Then one day they lost all of their money and had to flee to America. Bankruptcy in Korea had jail time behind it, something that her father didn’t want to go through or put his family through. So they left Korea in the ‘80’s and moved to Woodside, Queens in New York. To what Suki says was an “ugly house” that a Korean family owned that ran a dry cleaners. Their sons, Billy and Andy became her playmates. Suki was picked on from the other Korean children both at home and in school. She felt out of place. Therefore the other students didn’t want anything to do with her kind. They were Koreans, but not Korean American. They would call her FOB, “fresh out the boat,” or “yellow.” Funny because they didn’t arrive in a boat, they flew here in an airplane. Even the rich Koreans that left there and came here moved to Manhattan or......

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...Assignment 1.1 Summary and Personal Response – Draft Version October 25, 2013 Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits by Suki Kim The author of “Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl’s Habits” is Suki Kim. In her essay she has to adapt to a new way of life after her very wealthy family loses everything they own. Suki Kim has to accept her new way of life once they move from their home in South Korea to America. She does come to realize that no matter where she is, she will always be the same person inside. She does not have to change her beliefs and finds solace in the knowledge there are others just like her in America. Her essay describes how she is thrust from her millionaire home in South Korea to Queens New York after her family goes bankrupt. She describes Queens as “the wild west”. (New York Times, 2004) Once in Queens; Suki Kim had a very difficult time adjusting to American Culture and language. She talks about the first words she learned being “F.O.B.” (New York Times, 2004), the meaning of this being, “fresh off the boat”. (New York Times, 2004) She had a very hard time understanding that phrase since she actually flew to America. At 13 she describes taking public transportation for the very first time. This is an important moment in her life as she was used to having been driven by a chauffeur. She also describes being “humiliated” (New York Times, 2004) by having to wash their clothes in Laundromat. She describes how she was comforted in her...

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...Assignment 1.2: Summary and Personal Response The essay written by Kim called “Facing poverty with a rich girl’s habits” was a very sad but everyday living style. Kim came from a rich family that had everything and in a flash everything had changed. They moved to East Village in New York City and Kim struggled with the new language barrier. She was called names like fresh of the boat and she never understood why she was called that and why those of her nationality looked down upon her has if she bought shame to them. Kim had to watch Reruns of Three’s Company just to learn the English language. Kim was facing something more then just fitting in and learning the English language she was facing poverty and never knew how to. She had a rich girls soul and can’t handle being poor. In my opinion Kim wrote this essay wanting to explain her struggle and how she faced poverty when coming from so much. She wanted those who are going through what she went through feel better about change. She showed it is light at the end of the tunnel and that what those people are going through she went through it so they aren’t alone. To change people ways showing them those who aren’t familiar with different countries and are new to certain things help them instead of giving them their back. Kim explained her story with a settled tone but used pain to help make her essay loud. She was hurt by the way things changed and how to tried to fit in but her soul was somewhere else. She......

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