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Executive Summary

The objective of this report is to determine the current and future maintenance requirements of the valet department of The Four Seasons Sydney hotel. Under the authorisation of Four Seasons’ General Manager, Mr. Vincent Hoogewijs, this report was carried out on the 2nd of July 2012.

The process of conducting the report involved designing a FCA form using academic and industry literature as guidance to match the functions of the chosen area of the property. The FCA form found the valet department is in ‘1-excellent condition’ although some aspects of valet housekeeping (mechanical and structural) were ranked lower at ‘2- minor damage/cosmetic’.

Recommendations have been provided for both facility/engineering and general management to assist respectively in taking corrective measure to minimise and where possible eliminate the present issues that require maintenance. Table of Contents

Letter of Transmittal............................................................................................................ 2
Executive Summary............................................................................................................ 3
Table of Contents................................................................................................................ 4
1.0. Introduction of Facilities Case..................................................................................
1.1. Facilities Overview
1.2. Current Operations & Equipment
1.3. Past & Present Maintenance........................................................................ 5

2.0. Methodology & Justification of Facilities Condition Assessment Form Design........ 7
3.0. Facilities Condition Assessment..............................................................................
3.1. Blank Form (3 pages)
3.2. Completed Form, for The…...

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