Facial Attractiveness

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Facial Attractiveness:
The Effects of Labeling from Individual and Social Perceptive

Abstract An examination of

Because the paper is relatively short, consider removing "in-depth" how the effects of labeling based on facial attractiveness impacts an individual’s self-esteem, social interaction, self-perception and quality of life. These two sentences need to be revised. Both sentences are incomplete by themselves.

The following paper is an examination of the effects that labeling based on facial attractiveness impact an individual’s self esteem, social interaction, self perception, and quality of life. Research has revealed how labeling in a variety of settings; from social encounters in school to the business sector, as well as across the span of adolescence to adulthood, has taken a toll on personal development. This paper also looks at the personal and social ideas of attractiveness, along with the possible consequences of perceived attractiveness on personal and professional outcomes.

What is facial attractiveness? Is it a personal opinion or is it a predestined hormonal attribute of the human race? Does attractiveness play a role in our daily lives? And if so does facial attractiveness have a meaning of higher intelligence? One may ask these questions when searching for that long awaited answer to why are people judged by appearance and why does society place such high value on attractiveness. Attractiveness does not make a person intelligent. Outward appearance has no effect of how ones gray matter receives and obtains information. Only the use of the mind by expansion thru education generates intelligence. So why as a society do we place such values on facial attractiveness and at what cost to our children does this label of attractiveness have.
Principe and Langlois state, “Ubiquitous automatic preferences for attractive faces…...

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