Explore Ethical Principles in a Movie and Compare/Contrast Them.

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Ethical Movie Debate
Crash Synopsis
This movie is set in Los Angeles where a group of citizens whose lives simultaneously collide with each other in interlinking stories of race, loss and redemption over a 36 hour period. First of all we see a detective (Graham) who had his vehicle spun off the road, talking about how people crash into each other just to feel something and then he proceeds off to investigate a homicide on the side of a road while his female partner (Ria) confronts the person responsible for the crash and both make racial slurs at each other (the other driver being a Chinese lady).
We are taken back to ‘yesterday’ where a Persian man (Farhad) and his daughter (Dorri) are buying a handgun. The gun shop owner is getting angry at the man for speaking Farsi and which ends with Farhad being escorted out of the store. Dorri then picks a free box of ammo to go with the gun and leaves the store.
Then we jump to two young black men called Anthony and Peter who have just left a restaurant. Anthony complains about how they were the victims of racism and poor service while Peter doesn’t really find what happened that big of an ordeal. A white couple then walk down the same street, Rick and Jean who sees Anthony and Peter then proceeds to grab her husband’s arm. Anthony sees this as a racial gesture and then they draw handguns and carjack them as they are entering their vehicle, and Peter puts a St. Christopher statue on the dashboard that is regarded as the patron saint of travelling.
Graham and Ria arrive at a crime scene where in a road rage panic, two cops who weren’t in uniform started shooting at each leaving one of them dead at the scene. The survivor is a white man and the dead man. The detective is unsure who started the shooting. However this isn’t really important to the overall point of the film.
At home Jean is still upset and even though a…...

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