Experimental Research

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Experimental Research
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Experimental Research
When studying human subject the purpose of this type of research is so that we can gain knowledge of new things in our world, which we would obtain information that is beyond what our human minds already know. The objective of research is to extend the knowledge of our physical, biological and social world.
I am a High School teacher that will be conducting a research to determine whether using antibacterial gels will prevent me from catching a cold or the flu. When conducting my Experimental research, the information that I will cover is a hypothesis, randomization of testing, a control group, a treatment group, and the results of the experiment that was conducted and the measurement, which is that variable that will be examined to determine the success of the experiment.
My hypothesis is that "antibacterial gels will prevent teachers from getting a cold or the flu". A hypothesis is an informed and educated prediction and or explanation that explains the reason a certain things reacts that way that it does. When conducting an experimental research you will need to test your hypothesis, you can test your hypothesis by examining the results that were conducted and exam how they relate in our society. Having a hypothesis is important because they allow us to test a theory, and predictions give direction to research.
The next process is randomization. In this process I will assign and choose participants. I will choose 4 teachers in total, two men and two women teachers. I will then make two groups with each having one man and one women teacher. One group will be the control group and the second group will be the treatment group. With the control group, we will pretend to apply and use the antibacterial gels so that we can prevent them from getting a cold…...

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