Exigent Circumstances

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Exigent Circumstances
Knekiida Jenkins-Hicks
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December 01, 2013

Exigent Circumstances Exigent circumstances are emergency circumstance, including hot pursuit, the possibility of escape, or the destroying of evidence. When exigent circumstances are present, the police do not need to abide by the Fourth Amendment’s warrant requirement (Worrall, 2012). In a more basic form exigent circumstance are those situations that are considered emergencies such as, high speed chases, in situations where a suspect is trying to get away, or if the evidence has a chance of being messed up. In these situations the police don’t need a warrant. In the case of Ryburn v Huff (2013) some students at a California High School told their principle that Vincent Huff wrote a threatening letter and in it he said he was going to shoot up the school. The principal then contacted the police and had them to investigate the rumor. The police interview two of Huff’s classmates and they inform the officer that Huff had been bullied. One of his classmate’s told authorities that he believed Huff would carry out the threat. After the officer’s found out that Huff had been bullied and that he missed a few days of school and that raised great concern for the officers. After talking to the principal and Huffs’ classmates they wanted to talk to Huff. Upon arrival to Huffs’ residence they knocked on the door and announced themselves several times, but no one answered the door. The officers made several phone calls to contact Vincent’s parents. They finally got in contact with his mother and both she and Vincent met the officers outside. The officers then requested they talk inside the home, but Mrs. Huff didn’t want to do so and this raised suspicion. The officers then asked her if there were any guns in the house, but she just turned around and ran…...

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