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This Module is a Masters level module in Financial Management and Control. It introduces students to the interaction of accounting and finance with management in the strategic ‘where are we now, where do we want to be, how do we get there, and where are we now’ learning loop.

This module concentrates on answering four key questions:

• Where do companies get their sources of financial information for performance evaluation,

• How do they evaluate financial performance, plan business strategies and make financial decisions

• What they should do in order to effectively control and manage the financial resource,

• How do they report the results and performance to all interested parties.

It ought to go without saying that Masters level work will involve a significant amount of work on your part. Simply attending class sessions will not get you through this module. There needs to be a lot of student interaction with the material and a process of development through the module.

My advice is to attend all the class sessions (experience shows that those who do not severely disadvantage themselves – i.e. FAIL) and to make use of the teaching staff as much as possible, but also to see ‘class’ as a way of bringing things together; a time or focus. The vast majority of the workload for this module must be outside of class contact time. You ought to be reading widely to get to grips with the methodology and techniques of the subject.

You will find a mix of numerical and descriptive work in the module. Both of these are of crucial importance. Lectures will be used to cover the key academic issues and then these will be followed up in workshops with a mixture of numerical and discursive questions that take the theory and apply it to real issues.

The delivery of the module is mainly based around a set of topics from the textbook –Business Accounting and…...

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