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How about we speak of personal ethics, it is a thing of personal preference to me. My personal ethics will differ greatly from anyone else’s. My strengths lie within what the scope of ethic in which I believe I really have. I am so close to the middle I believe I can move myself a bit towards the rationality location of the graph. I know unrealistic role expectation is my blind spot but that does not bug me at all. My view make it to where I strive to be that and make it to where it is not to in realistic, and that makes great leaders and great people. I am fine with who I truly am and I really do not want to change any of that. The value I got was fortitude which I can understand, because I have been through so much but I am still trying. Literally my first week of school was against me from the start with everything that was happening. My grandfather passed away two days before I was to attend my first class and would create a great challenge for some people. I was contacted by Doug and I let him know the information, and he asked if I wanted to wait to start school. I told him it would be too easy to just let life get in the way of me trying to make myself a better person. There are a few parts in which there is some confusion, which confusion happens to be my crisis no the less. How can I be self-righteous as a risk and still have compassion as my gift. I am not only having compassion with the people I know but with people I do not know. I gave a ride to a gang banger whom had three tear drops because he was in a place where he needed help. Ultimately my confusion comes from my stress, lack of sleep, and the fact my memory lasts about as long as a gold fish with attention deficit hyperactive disorder. It has improved a lot but my short term memory is well beyond shot. Over all I believe my life has no blind spots, no risks, and most of all no…...

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