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Personal Responsibility
Quianna Watkins
April 7, 2013
Connie Amenta

Thesis Statement:
Personal responsibly can have numerous meanings depending on who ask. To me, personal and moral responsibility goes hand and hand. Personal responsibility means that I am going to live my life by setting standards, being accountable for my actions and behavior. Personal responsibility, in my opinion, is the key to being successful.

I. Explain why/how personal responsibilities and moral responsibilities are linked
Remembering the golden rule do on to others says we have them do to us. Ask yourself is this right or wrong, legal, honest, not hurting anyone feels hoping not to step on anyone toes along the way. That is way I feel they are linked and that you’re personal behavior can impact everything around you. Personal responsibility equates to not only what you do, but the manner in which you do it. I believe that without morals one wouldn’t truly understand the meaning of success. Personal responsibility gives me choices help me learn in return helps with over all colleges success. II. Explain how honesty relates to personal responsibilities
Personal responsibility is doing what you say our going to do. That’s an important attribute because all we have in this world really is our word in life for others to judge us on. When you’re honest it helps to build relationships both on a personal and/or professional level. We make judgments calls daily, but in order to be honest, it's important for us good ethical choices, it’s been said that honesty is the best policy.

III. Explain how personal responsibilities relate in our day to living
In life it’s always been said if you want to accomplish something, you have to work hard.
To provide for family goes deeper than money. Our life revolves around making choices; because I have a crazy way…...

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