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A global virtual team is a sophisticated system of people who routinely confront cultural differences in a digital environment that is constantly changing. This article mentions how understanding cultural differences is imperative for the success of a group of individuals within a team communicating virtually from different locations throughout the world. But also talks about the challenges global virtual teams will face with the use of technology. Third, the reading also distinguishes what is needed for effective virtual team considering the people, process and technology point of view and underlying characteristics of virtual teams and challenges the entail.
I don’t fully agree with the use of global virtual teams. Organizations cannot take employees and put them in teams and expect them to work. It takes effort and time from both the employees and managers. However if correctly done, then yes building virtual teams could deliver even greater benefits. When focusing on global virtual teams, developing and increasing an individual’s and a team’s intercultural competence is an important variable in determining the team’s success. Trusting relationships in a disciplined structured environment is essential to the success of global virtual teams. These relationships are built through increased team member intercultural competence. Building trusting relationships is a differentiator that keeps people motivated, engaged, and committed. When cultural diversity is part of the equation, building-trusting relationships means being open-minded, curious, and accepting of others’ differences. Also another reason why I find this concept not as useful is because of the technology use. Technology has many uses but has a limit on the use of social, non-verbal and emotional features that you have in a face-to-face setting. Technology isn’t cheap or easy to…...

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...substantiels de celle-ci ne doivent être imprimés ou autrement reproduits sans son autorisation. copyright i this thesis. Neither the n thesis nor substantid extracts fkom it may be printed or otherwise reproduced without the author's permission. To Those Who Teach. .. TABLE OF CONTEWS INTRODUCTION. 1. PART ONE: Chapter One: 2. PARTTVVO: Chapter Two: Aristotle R ediviis THE INFERNO. In the Valley of the Shadow of Death Chapter Three: The Loss of Faith Chapter Four: Incontinence: The Subjection of Reason to Desire Chapter F ie: Reason Contrary to the Good Chapter Six: The Conscious Destruction of Natural Order Chapter Seven: The Conscious Destruction of Human Order Chapter Eight: The Conscious Destruction of the Self 3. PART THREE: THE PURGATORIO. Chapter Nine: FaiUi Regained Chapter Ten: Continence: The Subjection of Desire to Reason Chapter Eleven: Reason under the Aegis of the G d Chapter Twehre: The Conscious Restoration of Human Nature Chapter Thirteen: In the Mountain Garden 4. PART FOUR: CONCLUSION. Chapter Fourteen ABSTRACT Largely because of a reaction against an interpretation of Dante in Aristotelian and Thomistic tenns, which were taken to be exclusive of other influences, there has been great neglect of the Aristdelian basis of the Divine Comedv for several decades. The first aim of this thesis is to show how Dante used Aristotle's ethics as the foundation......

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