Ethical Dilemmas at Work

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Ethical Dilemmas at Work
John Hayes
June 11, 2012
Elaine McCarty

Ethical Dilemmas at Work
If I were to reflect on a workplace ethical dilemma I have faced, I would choose a dilemma I am currently facing. I recently have been finding it increasingly difficult to complete my university work and my required workplace tasks. This disarray between my work and personal life has resulted in undue pressure and stress. My attempts to keep work and classes separate and balanced have fallen short mostly because of an increased demand to perform. As a result, I have been completing class assignments during work hours on company time. This conflicting behavior violates company policy and the company code of ethics. I made a difficult ethical decision based on a difficult situation yet I understand that sometimes it is necessary to draw from our own ethics and what may be in the better interest of the group or individual. It would seem that I am gradually creating a pattern of skewed thinking and am at odds with myself and the values and beliefs most important to me. Situational context has me circumventing my own belief system and, unfortunately, has allowed my decisions to be manipulated by the pressures of the situation. Understandably, this situation, driven by an unethical decision, resulted in personal embarrassment and an undesirable response from my manager (Under, 2010).
I would avoid this ethical dilemma today through a strategy of open communication with my manager. I would ask to meet with him or her to explain the dilemma and subsequent conflict of interest. The meeting would open with honest dialogue beginning with the issue of class work vs. company work and how the imbalance has negatively affected my class work, company performance and resulted in a poor ethical decision. It is likely as a result of this conversation my manager would appreciate…...

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