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Workplace Ethical Dilemma

Workplace Ethical Dilemma Paper

Michelle Cortez


Workplace Ethical Dilemma Paper

Ethical Dilemma is when a situation occurs with a workplace, organization, or between family members. Ethical Dilemmas usually occur when people do not seem to agree on things that are being changed or to be changed within the workplace, organization, or family. I once worked at a retail store about four years ago where I was a cashier during the day shift. I worked there for a little over three years and I got to know quite a bit of people from the community that would go in all the time to shop. When I started working at the store I was told to NEVER accept any gifts from the customers because it was against store policy. When you are hired you are told the policies, rules, and regulations of the company. You are to follow these to make sure that you are doing what the company is asking of you. Like all other company’s you are asked to please follow these rules and do your job. As I started to go in and do my job, I noticed that there were some customers that would go in all the time and give the other cashiers a hard time. Until one day they came to my register and the first thing that jumped into my mind was, “OH NO HERE THEY COME”. I was so nervous because I just wanted to do my job and make my customers happy and have a good experience at this store. As they put their items on the conveyer belt they started to look at me and laugh. I guess I had that look on my face like please do not give me a hard time. Once the couple got all their items on the belt and were headed my way I snapped out of it and told them my line, “Hi how are you?” “Did you find everything ok today?” I tried so hard to make them have a good experience with me. I then started to have a conversation with the couple about some products that…...

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...An ethical dilemma is when a situation arises and causes a person to question how he/she should react towards a certain situation and how they should make a knowledgeable decision based on what they think is right or wrong. It’s the principal of having to show moral character particularly when faced with a complicated situation presented by a person or society. Moreover, a special case of a dilemma involves justice issues when there is not enough supply of required resource or service (Purtilo, Doherty 2012). Ethical dilemmas are sudden, unpredictable and often times can be very complex. Often time’s nurses are always faced with an ethical dilemma, no matter what department or unit they work in. The characteristics of ethical dilemma are beneficence, justice, autonomy, veracity and respect for persons, which all nurses must have in order to be ethical. Nurses must always show empathy and prioritize the needs and safety of their patients first. Patients must always be able to maintain autonomy by being able to make decisions for them and health care workers must respect their decision despite their personal convictions. It can be very difficult when the patient’s beliefs and values are in conflict with our own personal values and opinions as nurses. Patients now and then may make decisions that are risky. For example, refusing treatment for their baby, or may refuse medication or life saving procedures. These types of real life circumstances will make nurses to find......

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...Ethical dilemmas, also known as a moral dilemmas, are situations in which there is a choice to be made between two options, neither of which resolves the situation in an ethically acceptable fashion. In such cases, societal and personal ethical guidelines can provide no satisfactory outcome for the chooser. Ethical dilemmas assume that the chooser will abide by societal norms, such as codes of law or religious teachings, in order to make the choice ethically impossible. What Causes an Ethical Dilemma in Conducting Business? by Terry Mann, Demand Media Businesses must have ethical standards. Related Articles • How to Resolve Ethical Dilemmas in the Workplace • Examples of Making Ethical Decisions in Business • Ethical Dilemma in the Use of Information Technology • Ethical Exercises in Business • Importance of Ethical Conduct in a Business • What Is the Difference Between Ethical Business Practices & Legal Practices? In a perfect world, businesses and their employees would always do the right thing. Unfortunately, in the real world, ethical dilemmas are a common occurrence in the workplace. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, dilemmas are situations or problems where a person has to make a difficult choice; an ethical dilemma is a problem where a person has to choose between a moral and an immoral act. Employees must deal with pressures to perform and help the company succeed as well as personal temptations to take the easy way out. In the end,......

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...Ethical Dilemma Research Paper SCLA 10 Due Date: ______________________ To make decisions about complex ethical dilemmas you have to ask yourself some difficult questions: What is fair? What is reasonable? How much is enough? What is right and what is wrong? It requires you to look at your own core values in order to answer these questions. For this assessment, you will research a current ethical dilemma of your choice. Part One: What is the ethical dilemma? Explain the history of the dilemma and explain both sides of the dilemma. Part Two: Where do you stand on the ethical dilemma? What does your stance say about your internal compass? Websites: The following are just a couple websites to get you started. As you search, beware of inaccurate, even fanatical, websites. Many people out there feel strongly about these issues and post their feelings, not necessarily the facts. Look for “.org”, “.edu” and “.gov” for more reliable results. Mr. Goerner will probably add to our list as well. Dr. Blatner is a psychiatrist and posted an extensive list of ethical questions that will really get you thinking. Yes, it’s a “.com” website, but he is not posting facts, just questions to ponder. It’s a great place to start if you haven’t picked a topic yet. The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) is a reputable source for news and contains info on some interesting ethical......

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...Ethical Dilemma Shamona Washington Post University As being a professional nurse, I don’t always like the patients that I take care of. This may sound mean, but let me be honest. The caveat to this statement is that I don’t have to like them. But I do have to provide the best possible patient care that I can, while maintaining an appropriate level of professionalism and compassion. Being a professional nurse; dealing with difficult patients is an ethical dilemma in every work day. As we all know people in general can be difficult to deal with, and with sick people who are frightened, this quality can intensify. I know medications and conditions such as confusion can also make patients behave in a way that I don’t understand. Some of my patients can be demanding and never seem to be satisfied with anything that I might do for them. Sometimes I want to curse the person who invented call light. But instead, I focus on mechanisms that I can use to help effectively handle a difficult patient. From good ethics and following good ethical; I need to consider and remember what position the patient is in. my patient could be sick, uncomfortable, frustrated, frightened and may feel that he/she isn’t getting enough attention from he/she caregivers or people may not be listening to their concerns. I always that isn’t the patient choice to be a patient. But it’s my choice to be a nurse. When communicate with my patients I just don’t hear what my patients are saying, I listen to them.......

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...workforce assuming all professionals adhere to ethical standards. They may think "workplace dilemmas" are simply fabricated scenarios they will never encounter. Unfortunately, the dynamic and evolving scope of the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology can present unforeseen challenges in the workplace, especially for beginning clinicians. However, with the proper education and training, students can enter the workforce prepared to handle any conflict that may compromise their ethicality. In order to demonstrate how to resolve ethical dilemmas occurring in the workplace, two scenarios involving support personnel, prescription and misrepresentation will be discussed in further detail. The first scenario involves the administrator of an outpatient rehabilitation clinic. She is requiring a certified speech-language pathologist (SLP) to supervise a speech-language pathology assistant (SLPA). While supervising a session, the SLP notices the SLPA performing a diagnostic evaluation, a service that exceeds her competency level and clearly goes beyond the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association's (ASHA) guidelines for support personnel. The administrator told the SLP she cannot afford to hire an additional certified professional and stated supervision was part of his duties. The SLP was recently hired at the facility and feels he must comply with the administrator's demands. This scenario leads to the following ethical dilemma: Should the SLP continue to......

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...Business Ethics BMGT 1314-3001 Semester II-2016 Professor: John E. Burn ID: 7056028 Assignment # 1: An ethical dilemma 1.) Identify the issues Sophie has to resolve. A: According to my point of view, Sophie has to resolve and deal with four ethical issues. 1. The importance of accurately filling out expense vouchers: Sophie works for a company that has a strict policy for expense vouchers, has to complete the expense vouchers according to the company’s policy in order to report her expenses correctly. However, Sophie is stressed because during the sales training course, she learned that the expense vouchers are very important and they should be completed as the company indicates. 2. Not enough space to write miscellaneous expenses as tipping waiters, cab drivers, etc.: According her mentor, Emma, the salespeople complain because the expense vouchers don’t have enough space for the extra tip that she normally gives to waiters, cab drivers, bell hops, airport baggage handles, and else. Apparently the expense vouchers just only contain the basic space for the basic expenses as lodging, airfare, and meals. 3. Paradigms about expense report form.: The accounting supervisor maintains the same report during the time, but the expense vouchers don’t give the salespeople that they need, more space, and obviously the accounting supervisor doesn’t like the salespeople because he told Emma that they are overpaid. This point doesn’t have relation with the request that Emma......

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