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Final Project
January 12, 2014


Many websites are available on the Internet with information on the various diversity groups in America. The U.S. population’s diversity is influenced by immigration. There are both benefits and challenges to having such a diverse population. Fostering a culture of acceptance in society is key to reaping more benefits and reducing challenges. Mass media has an influential impact in society, perpetuating stereotypes or building appreciation for diversity. If individuals and the U.S can come together, they can reduce prejudice and increase acceptance and tolerance.

Final Paper

The plethora of information about diversity in the United States can give someone a better understanding than they may have previously had. Through understanding, a person may be able to better relate to someone that is different. Many websites are available on the Internet with information on the various diversity groups in America. The diversity of the U.S. is ever changing with immigration and inter-racial couples having children. As the country becomes more diverse, we will face challenges as well as receive benefits. The key to reaping more benefits, while reducing the challenges, is to foster a culture of acceptance in society. The media plays a large influential role in society and can work to perpetuate stereotypes and prejudice or build appreciation for diversity. Working together, the government and the people can work to reduce prejudice through education and intervention.

What I Have Learned

Better understanding of those who may be different can come through reading up on information about diversity within the U.S. Various forms of information pertaining to the diversity of our country or state are…...

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