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You can never imagine a world without Emma Goldman. Emma Goldman died on May 14, 1940. Emma dedicated her life to the creation of a radically social order. Also, she embraced anarchism for its vision; and it offered liberty, harmony, and social justice. She had a deep commitment to absolute freedom and that led her to espouse a range of controversial causes. Goldman was a radical thinker. Forty years on she is more than emblematic, she is iconic.
Emma Goldman was born in the imperial city of Russia of Kovno on June 27, 1869. Emma’s mother Taube was married to a man when she was 15 years old He later died and she was left with two children. Emma’s mother had a second marriage arranged to Abraham Goldman.
First of all, when Emma was a child she constantly was abused by her stepfather when she displeased him. Emma was uncontrollable and rebellious to her stepfather “I’ll kill that brat”, he often said. (Gornick 7). Also, the family constantly moved from Konovo to Konigsberg to Petersburg.
Emma’s education was very limited. Although she passed the exam to secondary school, she was denied the character reference necessary for admission. The religion teacher declared her “a terrible child who would grow into a worse woman” (Gornick 7.)When Emma became 12 years old education came to an end for her. When Emma was 16 years old her father told her it was time for her to get married and he would arrange this. She begged once more to return to school instead of getting married.
Emma begged her father to immigrate to the United States with her sister Helena; they both wanted to join their older sister Lena already living in upstate New York. She had threated suicide to her stepfather because her stepfather did not let her immigrate and later he let her go. In 1885, Emma immigrated to the United States and settled in Rochester, New York. She began working in clothing…...

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