Effects of News Media

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Effects of News Media
January 12, 2015

Effects of News Media

Mass media has evolved so much in the twentieth century it is considered to have eight categories. They are as follows; books, newspapers, magazines, recordings, radio, movies, television and the internet. When you hear the words “mass media” the internet comes to mind. We can now access the internet for almost any kind of information we are looking for, the most common information used on the internet is news media and social media. Through both of these things you can now read about the latest news and current events making it easier for Americans to stay current on events. With social media being so popular, people can now access it through their cell phones. People all over America are now sharing and commenting on the latest news making news now travel even faster. With electronic media and their convergence it makes it almost impossible for American to not hear about current events in some way. With the technology of cells phones and internet, it has made it almost impossible to keep things a secret. Most cell phones now have cameras, American can now video or take pictures so there is proof to back up the information posted on these internet sites. Having this kind of technology in our hands, it is our own personal responsibility to have good morals about what we decide to put on the internet for all to see. Some sites are now set up so that you can report inappropriate media, but it is still there decision to take the media down or to leave it.
News media does have a reflective effect on American society and this is why it is so important that today’s news media have social responsibility. Millions of Americans post and share the news media every day to inform others on what is going on around the world. So it is very important that the news media not only report the news…...

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