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The Effect Rain Has on Baseball There is no place in the world I would rather be than on a baseball field. Nothing is more exciting to me than when baseball season rolls around. With a new season of baseball comes a new season of weather, and with a new season of weather, comes rain. Rain can put a damper on baseball in many different ways. There is nothing more disheartening to a baseball player, coach, team, or even groundskeeper than rain. Peter Morris writes, “A groundskeeper always works with one eye to the heavens, knowing that rain could erase every trace of that day’s efforts and that flooding could obliterate the work of many weeks and months” (53). With this in mind, let us take a look at the effect rain has on Major League Baseball during baseball season. Rain has always had an effect on baseball, even as far back as 1845 when baseball began in the United States. Peter Morris writes that baseball teams, back then, were nearly bankrupt before they ever took the field. If rain set in, they were immediately plunged into debt (53). Team owners were profoundly aware of rain and would do anything feasible to steer clear of losing a game to rain. Peter Morris stated:
The ever-present threat of flooding made club owners extremely reluctant to invest money in ballparks. So the burden fell on groundskeepers to create a ballpark that satisfied the demands of ballplayers, club owners, and spectators. At the same time, they were given only the most minimal resources with which to work. With the financial stakes so high, by the late nineteenth century baseball groundskeepers were increasingly focusing their attentions on preventing flooding. (54)
Groundskeepers were completely in charge of building baseball fields. Known as a baseball diamond, the layout was set in stone with an infield and outfield as we know it today.…...

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