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1. Do you think that Kant would approve of Snowden’s decision to leak the NSA confidential material? Explain your answer including specific details from Kant’s deontology, why/why not?

No, I do not believe Mr. Kant would agree with Mr. Snowden’s decision. If Mr. Snowden wanted to warn the American people as he claims, he could have done so without putting the entire country at risk. Mr. Snowden cannot articulate a duty towards his fellow American and put them at risk at the same time. He can argue that he wanted to change the law however he could have release the information to the media here in the states instead of flee to a another country then release the information. Snowden argument fails to prove to the American people that all of his actions were merely “matter of principle” as he claims.

2. Explain whether or not you believe Edward Snowden should be hailed as a hero. Support your statements by explaining the rationale for your decision.

That is a double-edged sword question because if he was from another country and divulge national secrets that could potentially help the U.S. to protect it from terrorist attacks then we would probably hail him a hero. However, his leaks have led to a more open debate and more democratic process than would not have existed otherwise. So what makes us different from other countries? One is the way we openly discuss and democratically process the laws. Two: The ways the U.S. protect and secure the nation.
Mr. Snowden’s leaks have triggered and jeopardized the entire country by divulging secrets that has pinpointed the nations’ weakness to our enemies and potentially made this country an easy target to terrorist. Also, by putting at risk our national security and vital ways in which we gather intelligence to help us to secure the country. My personal opinion is that Mr. Snowden is not a hero nor should he be…...

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