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Comp3710 / Comp7580 E-Transformation in Business

Dr. Alfredo Milani

Dave Chaffey. E-Business and E-Commerce Management. 2nd Edition. Prentice Hall, 2004, Chapter 4, 5. K.C. Laudon, and J.P. Laudon. Management Information Systems: Management the Digital Firm. 8th Edition. Prentice Hall, 2004, Chapter 3.

Lecture 3 E-business Strategy

Learning objectives Follow an appropriate strategy process model for e-business; Apply tools to generate and select e-business strategies



Michael Porter on the Internet
‘The key question is not whether to deploy Internet technology – companies have no choice if they want to stay competitive – but how to deploy it.’
Porter, M. (2001) Strategy and the Internet, Harvard Business Review, March 2001, 62–78.



What is a strategy?
• • • • ‘Defines how we will meet our objectives’ ‘Sets allocation of resources to meet goals’ ‘Selects preferred strategic option to compete within a market’ ‘Provides a long-term plan for the development of the organization’

Strategy: A broad-based formula for how a business is going to compete, what its goals should be, and what plans and policies will be needed to carry out those goals


E-commerce strategy (e-strategy)
The formulation and execution of a vision of how a new or existing company intends to do business electronically



Different forms of organizational strategy



Relationship between e-business strategy and other strategies
Corporate Strategy Constraints and opportunities E-business Strategy Objectives

Buy-side e-commerce

SCM Strategy

Marketing / CRM Strategy

Sell-side e-commerce

Information systems Strategy



Sell-side e-commerce strategy (Chapters 8 & 9) or e-marketing / E-CRM…...

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Shares, a benefit is payable if death is within n years or if the insured survives at least n years from issue, whichever occurs first. vT , T ≤ n Here, we have bT = 1 and v T = so that v n, T > n vT , T ≤ n the PV r.v. is Z = . v n, T > n ¯ ¯ = A1 + Ax : 1 . APV endowment: A x :n | x :n | n| Variance (using rule of moments): Var (Z ) = 2¯ ¯ Ax : n| − (Ax : n| )2 . ACTL3002: Week 1 13 Variance of Endowment Insurance Let Z1, Z2 , and Z3 be the PV r.v.’s for the term, pure endowment and the endowment insurance: 0, T ≤ n vT , T ≤ n Z1 = , Z2 = ,and v n, T > n 0, T > n vT , T ≤ n Z3 = . v n, T > n Clearly, Z3 = Z1 + Z2 and the expectation is the sum of the two expectations (as in previous slides). For the variance, use: Var (Z3 ) = Var (Z1 ) + Var (Z2 ) + 2Cov (Z1 , Z2 ). We show: ¯ Cov (Z1 , Z2 ) = E [Z1 Z2 ] − E [Z1 ]E [Z2 ] = −A1:n| · Ax : 1| . x n ACTL3002: Week 1 14 Example Assume mortality is based on a constant force µ and interest is also based on a constant force of interest δ. (i) Find expressions for the APV for the n-year endowment insurance. (ii) Find the corresponding variance. ACTL3002: Week 1 15 Deferred Insurance For an m-year deferred whole insurance, a benefit is payable if the insured dies at least m years following issue 0, T ≤ m and vT = v T so that 1, T > m 0, T ≤ m the PV r.v. is Z = . vT , T > m ∞t ¯ APV for deferred insurance: m| Ax = v t px µx +t dt......

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