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Background and the Rising:

William Butler Yeats was an Irish author, who participated in the Irish freedom´s movement. He is considered to be one of the most important authors of the seen victoria time. He studied poetry in both Dublin and London. Around 1916 the nationalism was widespread in Ireland, because England settled Ireland with dominance and made them to one of their many colonies. A lot of Yeats poetry was about the complicated present or uncertain future, as well as freedom form oppression and social division. We see in Yeats poetry “Easter, 1916” how he has captured the conflict of a nation with a social and political poem. It expresses Yeats’ feelings for the War of Irish Independence, through imagery, symbols and themes. – This should be a part of your analysis, as you are, in fact, analyzing.

In The Rising, the Irish people aim at creating a home rule parliament, as a kind of an even regime. I august 1914 the war begins, the nationalist leaders by Ireland, John Redmond and hos colleagues in the Irish party, encouraged their supports to follow them in the war of effort. A lot of people join, more than 200.000 and upon 50.000 lost their life, but in effort to challenge the British imperium’s regime in Ireland. On Easter Monday 1916, they capture buildings, and declared an independent Irish Republic. The rebels stood in 6 days before they surrendered to the British army, because they were considerably superior them. After the restlessness, the leaders of the Rising were executed and so on the “dark time” for Ireland came.

Easter, 1916:
The poem, Easter, 1916, starts in a traditional tone, “I have met them at close of day, Coming with vivid faces, From counter or desk among grey, Eighteenth-century houses.” It shows how Yeats, before their death, had known many of the ones that participated in the conflicts, the Rising. Yeats…...

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