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What do people think about when they hear about the word values? Well what people do not realize is that they use values every day. Values are thinks that reflect who we are as an individual. Each person has different sets of values. Values are the things that we learn through life by watching other people. Values make up who we are today. The values that I fellow are respect, dependable, and tolerant.
One of the important values that I have is respect. My definition of respect is; when I show another person how much I value him or her as an individual. I follow the motto; treat people the way I would like to be treated. One of the ways I show respect is when I am at a school play or any other school assembly I sit quietly and listen and do not disrupt; I even do this when I am not interested or do not know about the topic. Another way I show respect is when my parents tell me to do something I do it and never talk back. If I decided not to do something my parents told me to do, I would get in trouble or be yelled at. Another example how I show respect, when I go watch my cousin play soccer I pay attention to his game and cheer for him when he scores a goal, or does a good play. The way I, show respect the most is with my attitude towards my elders and peers. I have the up most respect for my grandparents. I show my grandparents respect but letting them sit down, while I stand, holding the door open for them, and helping them around the house. They are much older than I am, so I feel that helping them is very important. If I do not help them, they would think that I do not love them.
In addition to being kind, I am also dependable. What does dependable mean to me? Dependable means I can be relied on to do important things for others, and means that you can call on me to do a favor at any given time. For example, my aunt called me to pick up my…...

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