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Seeking for a good challenging position in Software developing field to utilize my skills, Education knowledge and improve my skills in a well reputed organization.


| | | | | |
|MCA |Kongu Engineering College, Perundurai |Anna University, Coimbatore |2014 |7.50* |
|B.Sc(c.s) |Nandha Arts And Science College,Erode. |Bharathiar | |78% |
| | |University |2011 | |
|XII |A.E.T Matric Higher Secondary School, Erode. |State Board |2008 |58% |
|X |A.E.T Matric Higher Secondary School, Erode. |Matriculation |2006 |70% |

* is the consolidated CGPA up to Third Semester.


➢ Operating Systems : Windows XP/VISTA/7/Linux ➢ Multimedia : Photoshop7.0, Corel Video Studio X3 ➢ Languages : C, C++, Java, ➢ Database Languages : MS Access, SQL Server 2005

➢ DBMS ➢

HOBBIES ➢ Reading Books

➢ Listening Music



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