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Water front hotel in NewPlymouth is situated in the heart of the city and the only hotel which has a sea facing overview. Due to the strategic location the hotel is busy throughout the year hence to satisfy all the customers it’s critical to provide guest satisfaction. To provide an exceptional and personalized service it is very important that all the management positions must be filled by proper step by step procedures. The Front Office Manager has resigned due to some reasons hence there is a demand to prepare a recruitment plan which would make sure that there is right person with right skills in the right time.Since water front hotel is managed by accor group its of upmost importance that the department head should represent its culture,values,hotels mission and vision.
Accor group was established in 1967 in lillle lesquin.till date accor has widened itself from one small hotel to 4,426 hotels in 92 countries.All this was possible because of a vision which was of one person and the same vision was understood and kept in mind from 100 employees to more than 180,000 employees at the moment.Accor was also awarded by many awards in many different countries.
This report confines the recruitment plan for the Front Office Manager at waterfront. Recruiting someone to head a department is a very critical and complex procedure. Recruiting is a process of identifying and hiring the best-qualified candidate for a job vacancy in a most timely and cost effective manner. Recruitment plan must be made by acting as a strategic partner and admisitrative expert.this report involves proper analysis of the job vacancy, designing of the job,different strategies to recruit,proper selection tools,administrative work and lastly different recruitment environment in the selection…...

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