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Content of Geography SBA

 The Aim (or Aims) of the study ?  Methodology  Analysis and discussion  Location maps  Conclusion  Bibliography  Appendix
There is a particular order in which the report must be done for presentation. This is as follows: 1. Title page

2. Strategy sheet 3. Table of contents 4. Location maps 5. Aim of the study 6. Method of data collection 7. Presentation of data 8. Conclusion 9. Bibliography 10. Appendix

CHOOSING A TOPIC /Title of Study This is a essential part of doing the SBA. The topic of the SBA is the general topic taken from the syllabus. It must be taken from one of the three section of the syllabus. The TITLE OF STUDY says specifically what you intend to study. Talk to your teacher for further assistance and to check that the topic is in the syllabus. Three examples of topics are given below. 1. What factors have contributed to the growth of population in Brown's Town, Jamaica over the past 20 years? 2. What processes contribute to the weathering of rocks on the facing the Queens Highway, St. Ann, Jamaica? 3. Does deforestation contribute to soil erosion in a section of Egypt, Browns Town, St. Ann, Jamaica.

Aim of Study The Title of Study and the Aim of Study go together. This is the question that your study will be based on. The Aim of the SBA is a statement that says what it is that you will achieve in answering the topic of the SBA. The Aim of the study should have no less than two descriptive words. You include your title in the Aim in the form of a question. the aim helps to determine how the data will be collected and how the data will be presented. The Aim of the study uses descriptive words such as: identify, compare, classify, contrast, explain, explore, determine, find out, examine, investigate, observe, describe, illustrate, discuss

Examples of aims: to…...

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