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Which File System Is Intended Primarily For Use in USB Flash Drives FAT32 refers to the 32-bit version of FAT or File Allocation Table. FAT is a computer filing system typically used in a variety of portable devices including floppy disks, memory cards, and USB flash drives among others. This filing system is very simple which is why it is commonly used on portable devices. But this particular filing system can also be applied to older operating systems including that of MS-DOS and Windows 9x versions. FAT32 uses disk space more efficiently than older file allocation standards or formats. It is also capable of handling drives of up to 2 TB in size. And even if drives have bigger sizes, the FAT32 system allows for the use of smaller clusters which results to better use of disk space. The FAT32 file allocation system also allows relocation of the root folder or the (highest folder in the hierarchy). and at the same time utilizes the backup copy of the file allocation table in doing this operation. This increases FAT32’s robustness and efficiency. Having numerous root folders at various locations is also not a concern with the FAT32 system. This results in the possibility of resizing the FAT32 partitions dynamically. But not all systems are compatible with FAT32 including old types of motherboards and BIOS. Some also report that FAT32 is actually slower than FAT16 depending on the size of the disk. FAT32 also provides no file security and fault tolerance features which are present with newer file allocation systems such as NTFS.

Which File System Provides Support for Larger Hard Drives and Better Security NTFS is a Microsoft file system. It was introduced in Windows NT and has been the…...

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