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A nephew of mine has always had a problem with deviance. Since he was little he’s always had a problem with doing things that he knew were not acceptable. He was diagnosed with ADHD when he was young. He has been in and out of juvenile detention centers and now he’s an adult and is in and out of jail quite often.
When looking through the different theories I see my nephew’s life in two of them: Hirschi's Control Theory & the Labeling Theory.
When it comes to Hirschi’s Control Theory I can totally see where the lack of connection falls into it for him. When he was five years old his house burned down. He and his older sister were gone with their father, but his little brother and sister were and home with his mother (my sister). The two little ones died in the fire and it was total hell for the family after that. My sister woke up in the hospital and found out the two little ones didn’t make it. She was rescued by firemen. My nephew was already a bit wild before that happened but after this happened his father was a mess and totally detached from the family after this happened. His mother suffered from depression as well. He was always doing something stupid and that was probably the only attention he got. His parents didn’t make him commit to things, because I really don’t think they cared about life for years. Like Hirschi’s Control Theory says, he needed commitment to something and to be involved with activities but neither of his parents gave a crap at the time. The only people that tried were my parents, but they were 30 miles apart and his parents were just hard to deal with. He saw no respect for the law because he seen his parents not caring about anything. He had very few good examples in his life and the ones he did have were to far away to help.
Comparing him to the Labeling Theory, he was called devious since he was little. So it’s…...

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