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Team Project

Teamsofupto five(5)studentswill beformed during thethird week of the class. Each team will be expected tochoose,with the instructor’sguidanceand approval,a projectto use asavehicleforapplyingtheconceptsandtechniques learnedin the course (The product development process).

Each team needs to select one artifact to develop. This artifact could be a physical product or a service product. Then, a team needs to apply the product development process (Planning, Concept Development, System-Level Design, Detail Design, Testing and Refinement, and Production Ramp-up phases).During this application, each team will conduct all activities required during each phase, and will generate relevant documents.

Each teamwill be expected topresentaformalbriefing totheclasscovering thedetailsofthe projectusing suitable briefing methodologiesandtools(gradedevolution),andtoturn into the classandthe instructoradetailed report (10-20 pages)forreview,critique,andgrade.

Each team needs to apply the following phases and their subordinate processes and then generate the following output documents for their choice of a product. You may or may not need all ofthese processes and documents depending on your product.

Phase 0: Planning Phase * Product Planning Process * Mission Statement

Phase 1: Concept Development * Identifying Customer Needs * Hierarchical list of primary and secondary customer needs and their relative importance * Product Specification * List of Metrics * Needs-metrics matrix * Competitive benchmarking * Final specifications * Concept Generation: General multiple concepts * Concept classification tree * Concept combination table * Concept Selection * Selection Matrix * Scoring Matrix

Phase 2: System-Level Design * Schematic of the Product * Clustering…...

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