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The American way
Indeed, racism has been a nuisance to American society since the formation of the nation With the exception of a few reforming nations, very few countries experience the discrepancies of a multiracial society. As a result, race in America is still an obstacle and the true definition of racism becomes increasingly difficult to fathom. In most situations, the majority view racism as negative and demeaning in societies. Today, society struggles to differentiate between discrimination and prejudice, which ultimately hinders the exact meaning of racism. In reality, social inequality still exists throughout the world and more prominently in the United
States. Both systematic and individualized segregation and discrimination are aspects that suffocate our nation. These two aspects prevent our nation from moving forward as a powerful, and a prestigious nation. Americans need to grasp the definition of racism and its origin fully.
Essentially, racism discrimination in America sanctions privileges and rights for White
Americans not given to immigrants and non-Protestants since the 17th century to the 1960s
(Blau, 2002). Additionally, the dark-skinned Africans slaves are considered different from the white land owners in America. Americans regarded them as the inferior group based on their different skin color and lack of education among other significant needs. In the 20th century, formal racism was abolished and since, racism became socially and morally unacceptable. With

the depletion of overt racism, it is still difficult to identify and eliminate racism owing to some racists who remain hidden. Before to the Civil Rights Movement, discrimination laws provided clear indicators to define racism and identify racists. Today, discrimination laws prevent open expressions of…...

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...Racism is a word that can be defined in many different ways to people. To some, racism is a way of life, and to others, it is a repulsive term that represents closed-mindedness. Racism comes from different cultural values, ethnic backgrounds, as well as the physical appearances. The conflict of racism occurs when the majority group of society feels that the different cultures and values of the minority group brings the deviance to the society. The United States of America, which brought people from all over the world, is stated as the land of opportunity and freedom, it is also the country that is notorious for the racial discrimination. From the beginning of this country, there were conflicts with the Indians, slavery of blacks, and going against the people who immigrated here hoping to achieve the American dream. Racism have been one of the most significant issues that people have been facing and fighting for, and is still occurring around us without even knowing. I have not felt any serious racism against me so far since I am a student and had only been here for such a short period of time. Although the society that I am living in now is like the melting pot of all different cultures, I was able to figure out during my stay at school that most people who were in the same color used to get along together. I also heard about the experience of racism that my uncle had, who immigrated here about 6 years ago. My uncle owns a store in the city of Tustin, which he often had to...

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