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Oklahoma Press | 9/27/2013 | [Edition 1, Volume 1] |

Oklahoma Press | 9/27/2013 | [Edition 1, Volume 1] |

EXpress news
EXpress news

Women gone wild
Women are being accused of***
It happened a few days ago when spectators saw some l
Young boy by the name of Jackie has been missing for the past few weeks today. He was last seen at a Stomp dance with a friend, Jackie and his friend were seen leaving the party a little early with two girls. We were told by inside source that Jackie was taken by the mysterious deer women. While his friend managed to escape, he refuses to say what he knows about the night Jackie went missing. For more information check the following page.
Young boy by the name of Jackie has been missing for the past few weeks today. He was last seen at a Stomp dance with a friend, Jackie and his friend were seen leaving the party a little early with two girls. We were told by inside source that Jackie was taken by the mysterious deer women. While his friend managed to escape, he refuses to say what he knows about the night Jackie went missing. For more information check the following page.
Man on tHe run

“Until i Heard about jackie, I’d forgotten that the crazy old man used to say that the ones who stayed there were never supposed to talk about it. if they did they died in a short order.”
“Until i Heard about jackie, I’d forgotten that the crazy old man used to say that the ones who stayed there were never supposed to talk about it. if they did they died in a short order.”
When we last saw Jackie, he was at a party with his friend Roy. Roy came in to give his side of the story; he states that he remembers them leaving the party with who he thought were two beautiful women. They were headed home because…...

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