Decades Apart Yet Closely Related

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Decades Apart Yet Closely Related

The popularity of kings and queens has always fluctuated and are viewed differently from all over the world. The British royal family is one of the most famous. Although they have no political power, they tend to have a lasting impression on the country. Lady Diana Spencer became part the royal family in 1980 and suffered with the constant pressure and criticism from the outside world. With attention toward Diana gaining popularity, the royal family had become more of a tourist attraction than a symbol of the nation. Decades later, the commoner, Kate Middleton has a more difficult time filling in after the lasting impression of Princess Diana. Kate keeps working at filling in the footsteps of Diana and has gained the attention and recognition of the country. Although decades apart and from different backgrounds, Princess Diana of Wales and Kate Middleton both managed to capture the country’s attention through their marriage of potential heirs of England and developed lasting cultural impressions throughout the country as a result.

Lady Diana Spencer was first noted as being a shy, young kindergarten teacher who went through many conflicts leading to and throughout her marriage with Prince Charles. Diana went through to a large extent of drama in her childhood years. Diana did not necessarily have the best home life, but she learned to make the best of it and as a result she became a stronger person (Leete-Hodge 20). The hardships began in 1969 with the divorce of her parents. Diana and her siblings stayed with her father, visiting their mother often, and tried to continue with a normal life. Unfortunately things did not remain normal for long and in 1975 Diana’s grandfather passed away. This then was a great benefit being that Diana was named Lady Diana and her father…...

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