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DDoS Attack Mitigation
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Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been causing internet disruption for years. The types and frequency has evolved over time (The Growing Threat, 2012). Originally, multiple machines would ping a machine and take up its resources. Then attackers started to use the TCP handshake as an attack medium. They would request so many connections, that there would be none left for legitimate users. Now, the DDoS attacks are hitting at the application level.
A DDoS attack at the application layer is very difficult to detect. The attack consumes less bandwidth than other DDoS attacks and the attack targets very specific protocols. Some protocols that they attack are HTTP, used for connecting to web pages, DNS, used for turning a web address to an IP address, and SMTP, used for email transfer (The Growing Threat, 2012). Since they use well known and frequently used protocols to exploit, these attacks easily bypass normal traffic inspectors. The protocols for web must be open on the firewall and IDS because if they weren’t, normal web traffic would not go through. This would make the internet useless for everyone. In order to mitigate this issue and still have connectivity, there are two things the University can do.
First, the IT staff can deploy a Host-based Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS). This will be deployed to all of the University computers and centrally managed by a server in the data center. It is able to look at traffic and use behavioral analysis to prevent attacks. It will flag traffic or system functions that are not normal. It builds a baseline by looking at normal traffic patterns and use. If the computer starts to stray from this, it will alert the administrator (Chee, 2008).
The benefits of installing a HIPS are large. This will protect the computers running on the…...

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