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Forex Club

FX Club. Forex Club is geared towards beginners who are new to online currency trading. Therefore, Forex Club offers educational resources to help beginners gain a better understanding of the trading process. These include step-by-step guides, free web-based seminars and live chat sessions. Forex Club also offers the ExpressFX platform, a simple trading platform that is easy to understand for beginners and provides a relatively risk-free trading experience. As a result, Forex Club was awarded “Best Broker for Beginners” by Forex-Ratings and is considered one of the best in the industry.

About Forex Club

Forex Club Financial Company (fxclub.com) is a brokerage specializing in Forex trading. Based in the New York City area, it is registered with Commodity Futures Trading Commission and is a current member of the National Futures Association (NFA ID# 0358265). Forex Club currently serves clients from over 50 countries and claims to open over 1,000 new accounts per day. This feature includes both live trading accounts and demo accounts.

The company was founded in 2005 by Michael J. Felice, who currently serves as both President and Chief Executive Officer of this company. Felice has over 30 years of experience in the brokerage industry and has also been involved with other financial and regulatory agencies. Other instrumental figures include Peter Tatarnikov, serving as the company’s vice president and COO with 12 years of experience in the Forex industry, and Michael Felice Jr., serving as the company’s CFO since…...

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...Objective________________________________________ This paper presents a direct power control (DPC) strategy for a doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG)-based wind energy generation system. The strategy is based on the direct control of stator active and reactive power by selecting appropriate voltage vectors on the rotor side. The proposed direct power control (DPC) method produces a fast and robust power response without the need of complex structure and algorithms. Literature review________________________________________ There are two major classifications amongst wind generation units: fixed speed generation and variable speed generation. The fixed speed generators have a design speed for which they have maximum efficiency whereas for other speeds their efficiency is lower. But variable speed generators have the maximum power tracking capability that extracts maximum available power out of the wind at different speeds thereby resulting in more efficient operation. Also the variable speed generators reduce mechanical stresses on the turbine thus increasing the lifetime of the turbine. It also helps damp out oscillations in torques more efficiently. Thus variable speed generators are more commonly installed Fig.1. Block diagram of DFIG based WECS Amongst the variable speed generators there are two major kinds, synchronous generators with direct power electronic converters and doubly fed induction generators with rotor side power electronic converters. Both have......

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...Oral Roberts University SUPERIORITY AND BLURRED LINES: An observation of the themes communicated in major DC Comics storylines Joshua Gallego Philosophy of Science HONR 102 Dr. Ken Weed/Dr. Samuel Thorpe March 13, 2014 Introduction Superheroes are part of an American upbringing. Stories of persons with capabilities that far exceed that of the human race are popular and appealing to our youth and even to many adults. Entertainment in general pervades the American culture, and this specific type of entertainment dealing with superheroes is of considerable size and has been a constant for several decades. Images of Superman, Captain America and many others are immediately recognized when seen. The entertainment value of these fictitious tales has caused the companies that own them to expand into creating computer games and producing movies, which has made them even more visible. It is considered weird if a person does not even know the basic story of these costumed figures. The adventures, stories, and even lives of these fictions have become a part of the American Psyche. Throughout the course of this semester, discussion in the Philosophy of Science class has led to topics such as the paradigms and presuppositions that we approach our world from and the metaphors that we use to communicate ideas and concepts. Such discussion has led to the asking of questions concerning things that we encounter in everyday circumstances. Questions like “What are the......

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...Nov 2014 Fed up The movie Fed Up discusses the issue that American eats too much currently in today’s society. According to the movie, the spread of obesity in America become a seriously problem. The movies also states the food industry in America is playing a bad role for provide us unhealthy food to make better profit. The obesity epidemic in America has occurred mostly in the past 20 years. The movie also states the 1/3 percentage of American will develop diabetes if current trends continue. The construction of the movie is straightforward, easy to follow and interesting. It posits the assertion that the for the last few decades, we’ve basically been fed poison in the form of sugar, on a mass scale, with a mass PR cover up to prevent the dire reality of our diet from coming to light. Let’s establish some basic facts. Half of us are overweight. One-third of us are obese. About a third of us are expected to have diabetes within the next 20 years. If the prospect of 100 million Americans with diabetes. Soechtig cuts the film together into a seamless and logical narrative that weaves between the story of the youth subjects and the more clinical and informative interview segments. Fed Up starting with the question of why so many American children are reaching obesity at such a young age, and then investigating that question from their home life, to the food they consume in school, and if/how advertising affects their eating and nutritional behaviors. Fed Up shows......

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...Atlanta, Georgia o 7. Chicago, Illinois o 8.St. Louis, Missouri o 9. Minneapolis, Minnesota o 10. Kansas City, Kansas o 11. Dallas, Texas o 12. San Francisco, California • Commercial banks that become members must purchase stock in the FED • Each District has 9 members o 6 are elected by member banks in which 3 are professional bankers and 3 are engaged in business o The remaining 3 are appointed by the Board of Governors o All nine directors appoint their Fed district bank president • District banks facilitate operations with the banking system clearing checks, replacing old currency and providing loans to depository institutions in need of funds • Collect economic data and conduct research projects on commercial banking and economic trends Member Banks • Must meet specific requirements of the Board of Governors to become a member • All national banks are required to be members of the FED • 35% of all banks are members of the Fed accounting for 70% of all bank deposits Board of Governors • Made of 7 individual members with offices in Washington D.C • Each member is appointed by the President of the United States • Serve nonrenewable 14-year term • One of the 7 members is elected by the President to be Fed. Reserve chairman (4 year term) may be renewed • 2 main roles o Regulate commercial banks o Control the monetary policy Federal Open Market Committee • Main goal is to achieve stable economic growth and price stability......

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...Samuel Toro POS 1001 Professor Harris The Fed Throughout history, many great nations have risen and fallen. Their policies, laws, and culture dictate whether a nation will fall or flourish. From a consumer culture to a more conservative culture, it plans out the style and ideals of the population as a whole. Mass media also shapes how the population views the world around them; they can make an individual in favor or against a certain issue using techniques to speak to the consumer at a subconscious level. Monetary policy by far is a significant factor in the survival and well being of any nation. It can destroy or exalt any nation through policies that effect how the economy and money interact. Ranging from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the Bank of Japan, and the Swiss National Bank to the European Central Bank and the Federal Reserve, these banks were deployed to attend the dire need of keeping monetary value stable; at what ever cost. Though for the best interest, centralized banks have helped and hurt their respective economies in many different ways. “During the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century, financial panics plagued the nation, leading to bank failures and business bankruptcies that severely disrupted the economy. The failure of the nation's banking system to effectively provide funding to troubled depository institutions contributed significantly to the economy's vulnerability to financial panics” (Fox 1). I will be......

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...Grass Fed vs. Corn Fed Michael Green DeVry University Grass Fed vs. Corn Fed The health of America is steadily declining and poor diet is a contributing factor (Pollan, 2006). Meat has become a main staple in the American diet in the last century. In fact, the average American consumes about 180 pounds of meat consisting of beef, pork, chicken, and turkey each year (Pollan, 2006). What the average American may not know is that most of these meats were grain fed during production, which is detrimental to the diets of both the livestock and its consumers. Grain feeding of livestock on American farms should be eliminated because human consumption of these meat products contributes to the decline in the health of America; instead, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) should require farmers and producers to provide the healthiest diet for animals to eliminate the health risks of the consumers. Problems Studies indicate that grain fed meats lack key nutrients optimal to the health of America. For almost 50 years most American farmers have been using grain to feed his or her livestock (Pollan, 2006). Grain feeding became prevalent not long after World War II when there was an over-abundant supply of grain (McCluskey, Wahl, Li, & Wandschneider, 2005). Farmers rely heavily on grain feeding because it is a cheaper product, it shortens the growth process,...

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