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Case Study of Jerry McCall
Carolyn Ervin
April 13, 2015
Christine Singel

This case study is based on Jerry McCall, being Dr. Williams’s office assistant, and being that he has received professional training as a LPN, and a medical assistant. While the assistant is at lunch Jerry is handling all phone calls, but, while Jerry was their one of the doctor’s patients called that needed a refill for Valium, and that is an antidepressant medication. So, happens the patient is needed of a refill right away because he is leaving out of town, and by being a personal friend of Dr. Williams he supply him with small doses of Valium frequently. However, Jerry is the only one in the office. Fremgen Ph.D. (2009), “Jerry is a trained licensed practical nurse, and a medical assistant but, Jerry must follow the law of study that he was trained and licensed.” When you are a medical assistant that do not give you the authority to write any prescriptions but, by Jerry being licensed in another state he cannot write the prescription but, Jerry LPN license can permit him to for certain medication but, he is limited. No, Jerry should not refill the prescription that the patient is requesting because Valium is a controlled substance, and Jerry need to explain to the patient that he is unable to do that request he must talk with Dr. Williams, and that he can call him, and explain the situation, and if Dr. Williams approve the refill then the refill will be filled. Furthermore, Jerry cannot have the prescription refilled because, he is not certified. Refills must be signed by a doctor are other authorization, and as well as be signed by the doctor, e-prescribe, and or fax ("National Association of Boards of Pharmacy ", 2012). Jerry do not know this person on the phone, and the patient is going on about Dr. Williams has previously written a…...

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