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Damien Hirst: Genius Artist or Genius Con?

It is for certain that Damien Hirst certainly knows how to grab our attention and many people find it hard to accept him as an ‘artist’ due to the facts that;

He shamelessly spends his money extravagantly. For the Love of God is one of Hirst’s most scandalous pieces; where he has purchased the 18th Century skull of a 35 year old European man to which he explains was in response to his mother’s common saying of “For the love of God, what are you going to do next!”, further justification of his piece was to represent the embracement of death that was demonstrated by Mexican culture- most predominantly shown by the Aztecs. Hirst states ‘you don’t like [death], so you disguise it or you decorate it to make it look something bearable- to such an extent that it becomes something else.’, this statement certainly voices out our reactions towards his piece, we focus more towards the fact that the skull has been encrusted with diamonds more than the concept it is trying to serve. But are his intentions really just to achieve the idea of accepting death? Isn’t he just showing off his excessive use of spending? Was it really necessary for him to do such a thing? What does this say about his character?

Death is viewed differently by different people. How does Damien Hirst view it or how he feels about it? Taken from an interview (http://www.damienhirst.com/texts/20071/feb--huo), Damien Hirst expresses his hate for death and views it as though it was a person, a rival of his. Considering the fact that Hirst does not create the artworks himself and makes other people to implement his ideas into reality- illustrates the reason as to why he may hate it; purely because he cannot control it. “but you can always rely on something like a cigarette – which punctuates your whole existence time and time again – to be the same. It’s almost…...

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