Cutural Influences

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Cultural Influences
Gloria Moore
Grand Canyon University
LDR-657 Leading global organizations

October 27, 2010
Culture is define as contested contest and profoundly problematic. Culture a concept of multiple levels of abstraction, or perhaps, a concept of high abstraction (Kirkbride, and Ward, 2002). Culture has a way of influencing our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. It is said to be a known fact that culture operates motivational levels, perceptual, and primary cognitive. Culture is the important part of the blueprint that operates within our social and physical worlds. Culture is often predictability in an unpredictable society. Things sometimes seen through a cultural magnifies lens that is tints otherwise shapes and shrinks our perceptions. Culture is a mindset in humans that developed during our lives as society changes. Cultural factors affect an organization in many different ways. Depending on the country that the organization is located in the factors play a major role in the culture influences. Cultural influence has a lot to do with the country environment, area, weather, geographical, and history, and the way the culture is affected in the organization. There are similarly and differences in organization culture, the employees exhibit different work behavior and problem solving skills. According to Hofestede the concept of continuous cultural dimensions is basis for comparison (Hofestede, 2001, pg, 11). There are various dimensions categories culture grouped in salient features. The similarities and differences identified by Hofstede's dimensions of cultural different make an important impact on business goals in organizations. There are many approaches and definitions to the mere concept of culture, agreement seem to play a valuable part in characterizing and…...

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