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Title: human resource management system

Human Resource Management System is aimed to integrate the activities of Human Resource Department. The Human Resource Management System maintains the following core activities and core processes,

Personal Information Management

Personal Training Management

Recruitment Process Management

Project Management

The company can post a job, as well as the candidate can post his resume. This application makes the searching process more efficient. This application provides global service, so that anybody around the world can access the information. The candidate any where in the world can get to know about the job openings, this provides online information on job posting and job searching. This application helps the company helps to place qualified and eligible candidates.

Any company can put their advertisement in this site, so that they improve their sales and viewers will get more information about the company. They will be charged to put their advertisements.

What is JAVA ?

Java is an entire programming language resembling C or C++. It takes a sophisticated programmer to create Java code. And it requires a sophisticated programmer to maintain it. With Java, you can create complete applications. Or you can attach a small group of instructions, a Java "applet" that improves your basic HTML. A Java Applet can also cause text to change color when you roll over it. A game, a calendar, a scrolling text banner can all be created with Java Applets. There are sometimes compatibility problems between Java and various browsers, operating systems or computers, and if not written correctly, it can be slow to load. Java is a powerful programming language with excellent security, but you need to be aware of the tradeoffs.

What is JSP ?

Short for Java Server Page. A server-side technology, Java Server Pages are an…...

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