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Current Professional Issues, Relevant Etiological Models, and Key Actionable Items

Current Professional Issues, Relevant Etiological Models, and Key Actionable Items
Thesis Statement: A healthy therapeutic alliance depends upon the resolution of professional issues facing the client-counselor relationship in addiction counseling practice. Counselors encounter regular professional challenges. These problems are exacerbated in substance abuse counseling due to the link between criminal activity and addiction. Counselors must weigh the risks and gains of various solutions to arrive at suitable decisions. This paper examines five current professional issues in addiction counseling, including the relevant etiological models and key actionable items for addressing these issues in a real world environment. Professional issues encompass topics of debate on practical or ethical conduct that underpins appropriate professional practice. In addiction counseling, five such issues are client rights (confidentiality, privileged communication, and privacy), physical and psychological self-care by the counselor, dual relationships, countertransference, and record keeping.
Professional Issues In addiction counseling practice, it is common for interested parties (family members, medical doctors, probation officers, psychologists, or other counselors) to ask a counselor to share information concerning a client. Such a request could also come from an ancillary helping professional or the judicial system. Sharing information with third parties raises confidentiality, privileged communication, and privacy concerns. Confidentiality relates to the counselor’s obligation to safeguard a client’s information from disclosure to any source without the client’s consent. Privileged communication restricts information or knowledge to…...

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