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Crude oil: good or bad? You decide
Recently I have discovered an interesting fuel which humans use. It is a sludgy, black, gloopy liquid like fuel called “crude oil”. They have found it in many of the earth’s oceans and I believe it has come from many dead animals piling on top of each other but didn’t decay properly because of the anaerobic conditions making layers of rock. The heat of the rocks and the increased pressure turned the dead animals into crude oil. I have found out that they put crude oil into a machine and separate using an interesting method called fractional distillation.
Fractional distillation of crude oil is where they separate out oil into hydrocarbons with similar boiling points, called fractions. Each hydrocarbon fraction contains molecules with similar numbers of carbon atoms. To my understanding I think each of these fractions boils at a different temperature range. That is because the different sizes of their molecules. One bad thing about crude oil is that it can’t be used in its own form, so the humans diffract it into many other things such as petrol, lubricating oil, naphtha, kerosene etc. At the bottom of the fractional column they use longer chains with more carbon atoms and at the top of the fractional column it has a cooler temperature and the chains are quite short. Hydrocarbons with low boiling points can get all the way to the top before they condense. The crude oil is evaporated and its vapours allow it to condense at different temperatures in the fractional column. My sources have told me that hydrocarbons are chemical compounds composed of only carbon atoms and hydrogen atoms. Each hydrocarbon has a different boiling point. This is handy because they use the different boiling points to separate the hydrocarbons.
Its products can be used in many forms such as petrol can be used in vehicles such…...

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...What is an environment stating the different kinds/types, define crude oil and liquid bulk giving examples The environment is the aggregate of surrounding things, conditions or influences, milieu etc. The types of environment include natural, business, social and cultural aspects. Crude Oil is a natural product of the mixing of the environmental Spheres. It occurs through the decay of biosphere components and its interaction with the other spheres. This natural mixing produces hydrocarbons which can after retrieval can be refined into diesels, gasoline, heating oil’s etc. Liquid bulk is the term used to define all items with mass which mass have an incompressible fluid form. This form conforms to the shape of its container but retain the same volume independent of pressure. In shipping terms this fluid is poured into large tank spaces known as hold in tankers. Some types of liquid bulk cargo are crude oil, chemicals and liquefied natural gas. Based on the definition of environment, state the positive effects of developing a crude oil port. A crude oil port is a transition station in which crude oil is taken from liquid bulk cargo and kept in storage facilities at the port until transported by bulk oil trucks to various destinations. Crude oil is a flammable substance. Therefore it needs to be transported and transferred between transportation modes. The positives of having a port is that crude oil ports are specifically made to handle this type of gas. In......

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...News Critique 1 This article describes how the oil industry in Russia is the most polluting of all oil industries in the world. Russia is responsible for 13 percent of the world’s crude oil. With so much piping and an extremely harsh climate leaks are very common and are responsible for 5 million tons of crude being spilled into the environment. The crude oil leaks into soil, destroys plant life, and pollutes rivers and lakes that provide valuable fresh water to the world. Due to the harsh climate, regular maintenance is needed for the pipes so that leaks are controlled and less harmful for the environment. Many other countries leak tons of oil into the environment but take measures to control the pollution. Canada, for example, has similarly harsh climate and does not nearly pollute as much as Russia. Russia’s excuse is that the leaks are not polluting too little oil at a time to be considered a hazard. But over the course of the year, and the extreme number of leaks, 18,000, the amount of oil being spilled piles up and causes severe polluting. Russia usually goes unnoticed for its polluting because most of the oil reservoirs are in very unpopulated areas. Russia needs to realize even though it may be costly to routinely fix oil pipes and may be able to escape persecution because of the unpopulated areas, regular maintenance is important to maintaining the surrounding natural environments for it could have devastating effects on the delicate balance that allows certain......

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