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After introduction:

We are now going to present an analysis on the leadership style of the people in charge of the submarine.

In our group analysis we found that captain Ramsey, in ignoring the incomplete EAM, obeyed the unified chain of command critical to missions in the armed forces. Captain Ramsey was one of the few remaining captains with considerable experience, therefore understood the threat the enemy posed upon the USA. In this regard, captain Ramsey displayed adequate sensemaking skills at the mission on hand.

Captain Ramsey was one of the few remaining captains with considerable experience, therefore he understood the threat that enemy posed upon the USA. He ignored the incomplete EAM (External Antenna Module or external action message), and followed the unified chain of command which are critical to accomplish missions. In this regard, captain Ramsey displayed adequate sensemaking skills at the right time

When it came to relating, captain Ramsey’s comprehensive experience in combat helped him make the tough decisions which are generally taken by a high ranking official. He saw the outcome as either winning or losing the fight against their enemy, and all he wanted was to win that battle at any cost.

He knew how to run a ship and how to manage his personnel. His experience gave him the skills to efficiently deal with the critical situation. His clear understanding of the responsibilities entrusted upon him, he did not hesitate in making the tough decisions, i.e. fire the missile without questioning the difficulty of his decision.

He wanted to make sure that his team was able to adapt to unexpected circumstances and to keep their focus on missile drill, no matter what distractions come their way. Sshld I give fire example?

Williams typology:

Captain Ramsey,…...

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