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Cultural Prejudice

I stop to think and wonder why we are cultural prejudice. I like to say I am not yet every time I stop for coffee at 7-eleven I expect to see someone from the Middle East behind the counter. Or, how at work, when I treat a Persian or Armenian patient I immediately expect them to request royalty treatment as if they all had a sense of entitlement. These are merely thoughts I would never act upon, yet there they are in back on my mind like an old blood stain on my scrub top that I will never be able to get rid of. These are thoughts based on biases and misperception that sometimes I tend to forget about, and sometimes, it takes a good someone else for me to be reminded. The film Crash that came out on 2004 cannot depict any better how many of us, if not most of us, see the other cultures. The location where the story takes place also cannot be any better. It takes place in Los Angeles where the lives of these Angelinos crossed paths causing a collision of race and cultural prejudice. The director, Paul Haggis, did a nice job reminding all of us, especially me, as how we treat each other among cultures letting our judgment be mislead the could be acts of racism. Although the movie may push reality beyond its limits, it is something that to some extend happens every day and cannot be overlooked. Sometimes while reflecting on the film and its message, I found myself drifting away remembering the times that I was judged based on my personal appearance and cultural background. I also recollected those times I have done the same and judge others based on their color or race. My most significant memory is one of a sweet white lady that was a regular patient for the doctor I worked for. She had fractured her lower leg and throughout the weeks of treating her I got to know her. She would ask me questions about myself and without hesitation I would…...

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...Crash is the perfect analogy of how we as a human race deal with life, people and our own experiences. Physical characteristics and racial differences may be interpreted as two distinguishing traits that separate us. I think it's what keeps us apart. The writers of Crash managed to extend my viewing experience beyond the 90 minute film, thus forcing me to analyze my own prejudices and racial stereotypes towards others. I always thought that racism occurred as a result of a person's upbringing. If your parents were racist, there is a good chance that you will be a racist too. At first glance, Matt Dillon's character exhibits characteristics typical of this theory. Dillon exhibited a close bond with his father and later, we discover the roots of his racism. I naively assumed that Dillon was absorbing external cues from his father regarding his attitudes towards black people. It turns out that his father was not racist towards black people. It was Dillon who, in combination with his father's negative experiences and his own as a member of the LAPD, formed his own perceptions towards blacks. Another example of this occurred at the beginning of the film when the Persian family was attempting to purchase a gun. The clerk at the gun shop made a few blatantly racist comments about the perceptions of the customers. There were several references to the twin towers and planes. It didn't matter that the two were Persian, not Arab. A reoccurring theme was that post 9/11, all Middle......

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...Social Constructs Found In the Movie “Crash” The aptly named movie, “Crash”, is a depiction of how humans crash into each other, collisions in personality, attitudes, and understanding. In the opening scene we are introduced to the premise of the movie as the man says “We crash into each other, just so we can feel something.” This is the thesis statement for the movie, setting up the idea that our interactions with each can be as traumatic and life changing as a vehicle collision. Each character in the movie played a role in showing the viewer the different influences and behaviors the numerous cultures have towards their very own culture and that of others’. Ethnocentrism, prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination are the core themes presented in the movie “Crash.” At the very beginning of the movie, two African American men are seen leaving a coffee shop, Anthony, the obviously more dominant of the two, and Peter. Anthony is complaining about the poor service they received, blaming the poor service on being African American. Peter is quick to point out that the waitress was also black. Anthony expresses to Peter that black women can also think in stereotypes believing that they, as black men, would not her leave a tip thus not putting forth the effort to provide them with good service. This is an example of stereotyping within a culture. This ties in to the social-conflict theory in that the woman did not see them as worthy of her effort because they would not enhance......

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...The American drama film, “Crash”, which is co-written, produced and directed by Paul Haggis, highlights many social psychology concepts. One of such concepts is stereotypes. Stereotypes as term by Baron, Branscombe and Bryne (2006), refer to the beliefs about social groups in terms of the traits or characteristics that they are deemed to share. Stereotypes are cognitive frameworks that influence the processing of social information (p.571). In the movie, stereotypes which are distinctively directed towards race are evident. The Whites and Persians all created stereotypes based on race; thus, the aim of the paper is to discuss how this social psychology concept is illustrated in the movie. Firstly, stereotype is evident in the scene where the Persian man (Farhad), along with his daughter, visits a shop with the intention of purchasing a firearm. The owner of the shop, a white Caucasian, refuses to sell the Farhad the gun and assumes he is an Arab. The shop owner goes as far as to theorize that Farhad may even be a terrorist; this is evident when the shop owner states: “Yo Osama, play the jihad on your own time”. When Farhad tries to declare that he is Persian, he is thrown out of the store by the security. In this scene, Farhad is being stereotyped because of his accent and the fact that he does not speak English well, but in fact, Farhad is only interested in having a gun for his safety. In addition to the encounter with the shop owner at the gun store, Farhad is once......

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...Thao Nguyen Research Review & Film Critique “ Crash” The movie “Crash” is crime drama film. It is produced, written and directed by Paul Haggis. It released to public on may 5th 2005 in United States. It has the budget of 6.5 million dollars. It won the Best Picture Oscar at the 78th Academic Award. The film run 112 minutes long and it is about the tension of racism in Los Angeles. “Crash” was inspired by the author’s real life when he got carjacked in front of a video store in 1991. It won the Best Picture Oscar in 78th Academic Award. The movie briefly indicated the racism, the insight of ethnicity, caste. Characters in the movies included blacks, whites, Asians, Latinos, Iranians and each characters has different story that all connected nicely. There were cops, attorney, criminals, the rich, the poor, hurt and sadness. The movie reflex the life of Immigrants and incidents that happen in real life in the Los Angeles that many people might not be able to see it or might look at it as it isn’t important. But if we pay a little more attention to the movie, we could see that it teach people to become better and not being racist. The movie began with two black men named Peter and Anthony. They were talking about how the waitress in the restaurant was being racist to them because they are black. They also discussing about their feeling living in the central of Los Angeles and surrounded by all white people. On the next scene, a white couple walks on the......

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...Racism in "Crash" Physical Characteristics and racial differences are distinguishing traits that keep people in our world apart from each other. Crash is a movie that showcases prejudice and racial stereotypes. The movie is set in Los Angeles which is a city with the cultural mix of almost every ethnicity. Crash is a perfect analogy of how the different people intersect with others in society. The movie crash shows differences between the lives of different people. It displays the interactions of several multiethnic groups such as African American, Caucasians, Asians, Latinos, and Arabs. All of the groups are striving to overcome their fears as they weave in and out of each other’s lives. They are all tied by an invisible chain of events, so the movie shows how we all have an effect on one another whether we realize it or not. The basic premise is that we can not live our lives without crashing into others. Others may look different and come from all walks of life but ultimately we are all the same. We are ultimately connected and the sooner we realize this, the better society as a whole will be. The opening scene begins with a crash and the statement is made that we don’t touch each other enough, so we have to crash just to interact. We need each other to survive, so connections have to be made. The ultimate goal should be to touch each other’s lives in a positive and lovely way and not to violently “crash” into one another. This makes one question their own personal......

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...Crash Misty Ward University of Phoenix August 15, 2009 The movie Crash interweaves several stories during a 36 hour period in Los Angeles involving a variety of characters, an up and coming police detective with a two time felon for a brother and a drugged addicted mother, two car thieves that constantly discuss race and society, the white district attorney and his typical stay at home wife, a white veteran cop who does not hide his racist feelings from his young non racist partner. Also in the movie is a successful Hollywood director who coming home from a party with his wife crass paths with the white racist cop, a Persian-immigrant father who buys a gun to protect his store, a hardworking Hispanic locksmith and his young daughter trying to escape a dangerous neighborhood. Through what could be considered daily coincidental interactions, the movie seeks to describe and examine not only racial tensions, but the stereotyping that each ethnic group faces on a daily basis. Crash address the various types of diversity in America by illustrating basic stereotypes of each character’s cultural background for which they represent. The movie also address how society handle racism on a daily basis through interaction with each other, and how the view various races. For example the white district attorney and his wife were walking down the street. At the same time two African American men were walking towards them When the D.A’s wife sees them walking towards them, her......

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...Group and race After watching the film----crash, the theme of race left in my mind. The film selected several scenes of car crashing and depicted the stories behind each accident. One of the stories left me a deep impression, which was about a white police and a black man. The white police Hanson was not a racist and he had his individual conscious of race. However, when a black young man Peter was picked up by Hanson, Hanson misunderstood him and killed him. The tragedy happened because Hanson was actually influenced by the social conscious of racism. The thought that black people are dangerous was deeply in his mind. When Peter firstly got on the car, Hanson started to look him up and down, trying to figure out if he was as dangerous as the old sayings. Unfortunately, when Peter tried to pull something out of his pocket, Hanson instinctively thought Peter was going to pull out a gun. Peter finally died under Hanson’s gun, but also under the influence of racism. The problem related to race has been existed for a long time. People are divided into several different groups by races. People from the same group always get along well to each other. However, people from different groups are less likely to be friendly to each other. The groups, serving as shackles, limit people’s relationship with the other. This is because people’s own group gives him or her too much negative information about the other, for example, the society Hanson lived in. The negative social conscious......

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...CRASH Crash is a movie made in 2004, by the director Paul Higgs. The movie is about racial and social tension in the “mean” streets of Los Angles, California. It’s about several real life incidents that portray discrimination and different stereotypes amongst different racial groups. Within a 36 hour day period car crashes, shooting, carjacking, racial profiling are all mentioned. They reveal the distance between different strangers due to racial tension. Rarely do you see fathers taking an active role in their children’s lives. Most fathers are the bread winners in their family and don’t have time to be in their children’s lives as often as a mother. Most fathers are usually the ones that get involved with the sports life of the child. Involved fathering is a father who actively takes a hand on role with the family, doing more than providing economically. In the movie Crash (2004) Daniel Ruiz’s (Michael Peña), character is a Mexican American who is a locksmith, who faces discrimination because he looks like a “Mexican gangster.” He is actually a devoted single father who takes care of his young daughter; Lara, who seeks for a safe environment for his daughter because of a bullet through her window in their previous home. When he found a safer neighborhood he enrolled her in private school so she would get an excellent education. She has to stay home by her self while she sleeps, so he made up a wonderful story about a “cloak”. He said that it would protect her from......

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...CRASH This movie starts with a car crash between two women out of which one was a Hispanic woman, and one was an Asian woman. Immediately they began accusing each other of being bad drivers. My opinion is that they began accusing each other of bad driving because they belonged to two different races and were immigrants in the country. In this movie, there is physical violence, mental torture, or assault/violence almost at regular intervals. The various elements used to make up the whole movie are racism, different religions, portrayal of immigrants trying to make a mark in the country. Instead of showing us the actual reality of racism, it portrays some scenarios that showcase a distorted reality that forces us to look inside ourselves for self inspection. The sound effects used in this movie are creditable. Those effects make it seem as if the audience is a part of the film and is experiencing it as it happens. The story is narrated or rather portrayed as a series of stories. There are several stories running parallel to each other, but despite each story not being related to the other, there is a connection between them. The dialogues in the movie are full of weight as the characters are seen discussing heavy topics like racism, poverty, and the American institution in general. After the Hispanic woman Ria crashes into the Asian woman (I don’t remember her name), and when she asks the police to write the report, she says “Officer, can you please write down in your report...

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...Intercultural Communication, stereotyping, perception, and verbal communication play a huge role in the characteristics of the movie “Crash.” When Paul Haggis directed this film he did a fantastic job of showing how individuals from different cultures, and countries, sometimes interact with each other in society. It goes into great depth to link the problems and situations in the characters’ lives in the setting of the movie making sure they are involved with each other in some way. Intercultural Communication is defined as “an act that involves interaction between people whose cultural perceptions and symbol systems are distinct enough to alter the communication event.” The text explains that the importance of Intercultural Communications have grown in the United States over the years. In the U.S it is made up of many people and demographic shifts. The increasing number of Asians, Latinos, and Eastern Europeans immigrate here to make their homes. When this takes place these individuals bring their cultural values, and styles of communicating. (Wood, pg. 79) When “Crash” starts the first scene is a car accident that takes place at an active crime scene where an Asian woman hits Detective Graham and Ria from behind at a stop light. Language barriers are almost immediately known as they begin to argue over who was at fault. While they both speak English the Asian lady simply uses what she feels is direct communication in stating that “She break to fast” and “Mexicans......

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...Crash Movie Analysis Anjelica McCartney HUM/150 January 18, 2016 Victor Armenta Crash Movie Analysis Discrimination, racism, classism, prejudice and more plague today’s society. These horrible issues do not affect one race, sexes, class, ethnicity, or age group; these issues affect all races, both genders, all ethnicities, and all age groups. For this film analysis, I have chosen to discuss the racism portrayed throughout a three-time Oscar award winning movie called Crash. Summary Paul Haggis wrote, directed and produced the film Crash in 2004. The movie Crash interweaves several individuals in Los Angeles over a two-day period. The film shows how a variety of different ethnic characters crosses paths during this period, and it displays their personal experiences involving racism. The movie shows how some are victims of racism as well as how some are guilty of racism against others as well as themselves. ‘Some movies, though, are told very much from the protagonist’s point of view, and the audience needs to go inside of the character’s head, to see the world of the story as the character sees it and feel what they feel’ (Diamond, 2012). Crash will take you there. Characters The movie Crash does not have simply one or two main characters but several. The casting directors, Sarah Finn, and Randi Hiller, carefully selected a magnificent cast to portray the characters in this film. The main characters in this movie include; an African American detective named......

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...Written Assignment Crash Police Practices Abstract Deviance defined by William C. Levin is “behavior that does not conform to society’s norms for expected behavior.” The film crash portrays several different forms of deviance. The deviances that stood out to me are when Anthony steals the car from Cameron because of racial discrimination. Another form of deviance portrayed is when Officer Ryan demeans anyone who is African American. The last form of deviance I choose was Jean Cabot as a whole, because of her stereotyping of discrimination. Crash is a film that is surrounded by racism and stereotypes that still today act as a problem in our world. Written Assignment for Police Practices The first form of deviance I choose for this paper is when Anthony steals Cameron’s car. Cameron’s car got stole because of racial discrimination. Anthony soon realizes what he did and how discrimination affects people. This situation to me is the labeling theory because racism is just a label. I also believe that racism still happens today in our world. I’ve been bullied before because of my race. Just because the color of my skin is different, people think its okay to stereotype and be cruel to one another, just because in their eyes they are different. It is painful also because those bully’s are only looking at the outside. They don’t look at your personality, or your heart, it’s just about what’s on the outside. That to me is not acceptable and automatically putting a label on...

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...misunderstanding about what kind of person he was more than likely would not be a problem. However, racial profiling aside, the establish rapport was just not there between them. The other issue that makes one wonder, too, is if Peter just spoke out instead of reaching into his pocket, if Tom would listen and allow Peter to show why he was laughing. I felt his silence and snickering gave Tom the wrong impression that did not allow Peter to explain himself to Tom that he was not a threat. The silence he performed is a behavior that can sabotage any relationship, especially if you don't know the person, and can come between having an honest and open line of communication between each other (Sole, 2011). Overall, these characters in the film, "Crash", showed a great deal of communicational conflict due to the misunderstanding caused by their first impressions of each other. Racial stereotyping, and predetermined judgment of a person without getting to know them can be harmful to building a possible great relationship. If only they communicated better the ending of their relationship would not have ended in the death of Peter. Reference: Sole, K. (2011). Making connections: Understanding interpersonal communication. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc. (

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...Justice in movie Crash In the movie Crash, directed by Paul Haggis, John Stuart Mill's theories on Social Justice and Utility are depicted within the context of the 20th century. Haggis' representation of a multicultural society is one built on racism and inequality, which limits the social justice people can acquire. In this film prejudice and stereotyping are prevalent when discussing legal rights and moral rights. The social situation has profound impacts on the choices people make. This society's foundation is based on injustice, although in the end, justice is served through the concept of `justice of desert'. Social Justice prevails in society where legal laws are practiced and respected. It is considered unjust to: "deprive anyone of his [or her] personal liberty, his [or her] property, or any other thing which belongs to him [or her] by law" (Social Justice and Utility, pg. 168). In this movie there is an inconsistent application of legal laws, which is especially applicable to those individuals considered `foreign' or `immigrant'. The storeowner (no characte... ... middle of paper ... ...esert. This demonstrates to us that no matter how much your legal or moral laws are violated, what matters is how you as an individual react to the situation, justly or unjustly. This movie is centered around the notion that if you are a person of ethnic background, that alone is reason for others to forsake your rights, although in the long run justice......

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