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Counseling 104/Informational Interview/Olson


Informational Interviews - 100 points each
Purpose: To learn about careers you are considering from individuals who are currently working in the professions of your interest.
Assignment: To interview for information two different people working in careers you like.
Next, write a hybrid-essay and thank you letter for each interview. Directions for preparing, interviewing and writing your hybrid essay and thank you letter are listed in A - F.
Read pages 75-77 in Magical Quest for an overview about informational interviews.
The due dates for each interview are listed in your Course Assignments document.
NOTE: Interviews with immediate family members, bosses at work, or other non-serious options will not be accepted. The career of the person you select should be a strong possibility and with an income of at least 40K per year. Also the interview needs to be completed in person
(not through the internet).

A. Complete these steps for your assignment:
1. Interview someone in a career you might like. Choose a career you are really interested in, not someone who will just be easy to find and that you’re not so interested in. You will complete a total of two interviews with two different people.
2. Conduct the interview at the place of employment.
3. For each interview prepare a hybrid essay and thank you letter using the directions listed for the hybrid essay under C.
4. Send your thank you letter to your interviewee (for each interview).
5. Submit your hybrid essay and thank you letter in a Word document by each due date.

B. Ask these questions when conducting your interview:
1. What are your job duties? This is not the definition of the work, rather the specific activities the person does at work. Obtain at least 10 duties.
2. What are three actual scenarios or situations illustrating your…...

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