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Coping is a response to psychological stress (UCLA, n.d). Many things can cause stress: death of a loved one, loss of job, a break up, etc. Most people associate stress with bad situations, but not just bad things can cause stress. Getting a new job, getting a new house, a new relationship, or a new child are some “happy” things that can be stressors (UCLA, n.d). Maladaptive coping mechanisms are ineffective, counterproductive and are often used unconsciously (UCLA,n.d).
Everyone has different coping mechanisms they use with the stress in their lives. Some of these coping mechanisms are: humor, seeking support, problem solving, relaxation, physical recreation, anticipating various outcomes, denial, self-blame, and venting (UCLA, n.d). Some of these mechanisms are healthy ones to use, while others are not. Denial, self-blame, and occasionally venting (if you vent too much, it can put a strain on relationships with other people) are maladaptive coping mechanisms. The first six coping mechanisms on the list, can be maladaptive if overused, but in moderation, can be efficient coping mechanisms.
My coping mechanisms tend to be maladaptive. I have been trying to learn new, healthy coping mechanisms and it has been a slow, ongoing process. When I was younger, I had no idea how to cope with stress, so I resorted to unhealthy or maladaptive behaviors such as nail biting, seclusion, and hitting myself.
I would and still do bite my nails when I get nervous and or stressed. When I was younger, my mom tried getting me to stop biting my nails by telling me about a parasite that would get under your nails when you played in the dirt and when you didn’t wash your hands and bit your nails, the parasite would get into your system and make you sick. I did listen to her for a…...

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