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Sealed Contracting
The method of obtaining government contracts has changed considerably. Sealed bidding is less frequently used now than in the past. However, there are certain situations when sealed bidding is mandatory. According to the Federal Acquisition Regulation when preparing sealed bidding invitations must describe the requirements of the Government clearly, accurately, and completely. Unnecessarily restrictive specifications or requirements that might unduly limit the number of bidders are prohibited. The invitation includes all documents (whether attached or incorporated by reference) furnished prospective bidders for the purpose of bidding. As a result government contract practitioners still must familiarize themselves with processes that call for sealed bidding. In the mid-1990s, Congress made several changes to statutes related to processing acquisition of government contracts. Before these congressional amendments sealed bidding was the standard. In most cases sealed bidding is the preferred method for construction , so if the Seahawk helicopters and Cobra aircrafts are being purchased for that type of business it would be a better option.
Negotiated Contracting
These amendments gave federal contracting officers more opportunities to award contracts through the newer process competitive negotiation. The process begins when the CO issues a Request for Proposals. The RFP must, include the agency’s need, the terms and conditions of the contract and any other subfactors that the agency when awarding contracts. The CO typically evaluates offeror’s price proposal, past performance on government contracts and the offeror’s technical approach. FAR 15.305.
The CO can award a negotiated contract without any further negotiations through discussions. If CO conducts discussions they must identify the offerors that fall within the competitive range. This…...

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