Consumer Satisfaction on Bikes

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Contents Executive Summary 2 CHAPTER-1 3 Introduction: 3 Significance of the Study: 3 Objectives of the Study: 4 Scope: 4 CHAPTER-2 5 Literature Review: 5 CHAPTER-3 7 Findings: 7 Pie Charts: 8 CHAPTER-4 11 Analysis: 11 Model Summary 11 ANOVAb 11 Coefficientsa 11 Coefficient Correlationsa 12 Correlations 12 CHAPTER-5 13 Recommendations: 13 Conclusion: 13 APPENDIX 14 Questionnaire: 14 References 16

Executive Summary

To know about the consumer buying behavior and factor which affect the consumer buying decision process. As the objectives of our study is to analyze the customer perception and the customer satisfaction towards bikes on the basis of Price, Fuel efficiency, Brand, Style and comfort name.Consumer buyer behavior refers to the buying behavior of final consumer’sindividuals and households who buys services and goods for personal consumption.Consumer behavior is influenced strongly by culture, social, personal and psychologicalfactors. Culture factors include the set of basic values, perceptions, wants and behavior learned by a member of society from family and other important institutions. The socialfactors include consumer’s family, small group, social roles and status. The personalcharacteristics such as buyer’s age, life cycle stage, occupation, economic situations andlife style influenced by four major psychological factors; Motivation, Perception, Learning, Belief and Attitudes.In this era of cut throat competition, no company can even survive in the market place without knowing it and its products strengths and weaknesses. It has to support itself against threats from the environment and exploit its strengths or increase profits.And in order to do so, the company has to conduct regular surveys to know the customer’s opinions, needs, and preferences. Our survey helps the company to manufacture the…...

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