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Chapter 1 questions taken directly from the study guide

1. Distinguish between a need and a want.
A need would be the psychological, social or physiological product that the customer needs to survive or has use for. While a want is usually frivolous and the customer does not necessarily have a use for it, it just appears appealing to them at the moment. 2. What is motivation? Motivation is a basic concept in human behaviour. It is literally the driving force in a person that makes them take a particular action, like the reason for purchasing a certain product or paying for a service.

3. What is meant by homeostasis? Homeostasis is considered the psychological equilibrium. It is considered to be the perfect balance or in between area of need satisfaction and deprivation. We all strive for a state of homeostasis, whether it be in our satisfaction with our products and services, or in life.

4. What are marketers commonly accused of? Marketers are often accused of creating a need for a product or a service that would not exist if it were not for the aggressive and repetitive marketing activities that educate, inform and even persuade consumers to buy those products and services. However, it should be looked at from a different point of view. Rather than thought of creating needs, they encourage potential buyers to want or desire the brand by associating it with satisfaction of a need.

5. What do marketing communications convey? Marketing communications, such as ads, personal selling, branding, and sales promotions, convey symbolic meanings about who we are and the way we can relate to ourselves and others in society. Marketers shape how human needs are manifested by introducing and producing products that did not exist before.

6. What is the difference between positive and negative motivation? Positive motivation…...

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