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When conducting any form of business in general, privacy is always a factor. Most people conduct business with the impression that their information is going over a secure network as well as being protected by the overall privacy guidelines used by many businesses. However, many companies uses data mining as a means of directly accommodating potential customers by observing their purchase history and interests. The issue at hand is merely determining how to minimize data mining as it is seen as a violation of privacy to some people.
In the article by Minda Zetlin “The Latest Privacy Invasion: Retailer Tracking” the advantages, disadvantages, uses, and tips for minimizing data mining are discussed. Data mining is a statistical process that retailers use to understand their customer’s needs. Any time a customer uses a credit card that customer’s purchase and demographic data can be collected and used for retailer product placement or coupon mailings.
Legal questions and concerns, like privacy and consumer rights, about data mining are debated on a regular basis. According to Jacob D. Furst, director of DePaul Information Assurance Center in an article from Zetlin (2012), “Every quarter we have a discussion about privacy with my students, and there’s always a debate” (para. 9). A concern about retailers collecting personal data includes purchasing information that could be used to determine insurance rates for a consumer who eats a large amount of fast food. Currently, consumers have very little they can do to stop data mining.
Even though there is not much a consumer can do to prevent data mining, there are ways to minimize the sharing of personal data. The first way is to use cash or prepaid gift cards. Cash and gift cards cannot be tracked back to an individual. The second way to minimize data sharing is to refuse to give the information. If the retailer asks…...

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