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This action research study was designed to develop the skills required to improve students’ comprehension of narrative text through the use of the Question Answer Relationships (QAR) comprehension strategy. The focus was primarily on assessing students’ improvement in Reading Comprehension after learning a comprehension strategy and also to determine students’ willingness to apply the/a newly learnt strategy for comprehension tasks in a grade five classroom. As a result, the researcher will include the aforementioned strategy for all comprehension lessons that will be taught during the six week period which has been allotted. The researcher will keep track of all events during this period by way of journal entries for the purpose of reflection, record keeping and referral for follow-up lessons. An end of term exam will be designed accordingly and administered to students.
Looking at the results of the post-test, even the weakest students showed a remarkable improvement in reading comprehension. Throughout the investigation students seem to be enjoying the activities and fully participating in all tasks. In conclusion the use of Question Answer Relationship comprehension strategy is a reliable asset for improving students’ reading comprehension of narrative text. Schools and teachers specifically should seek to include such a strategy in their reading comprehension lessons to assist students’ understanding of narrative texts.

I would like to thank the many persons who rallied around me during this time of hard work. To my wonderful husband Terrence and my one and only son Terrel, I thank you for your patience and understanding and I love you two very much. To my tutor (Mrs. Lisa Sargusingh Terrence) thank you for all the support you willingly provided during this stressful period. To my students I thank you for your willingness to…...

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