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Informational Report on CBR Activities
This document is an informational report compiled using qualitative research techniques. Purpose of report is to acquire a cross sectional analysis of Standard chartered bank and its

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competency based recruitment activities in relation to its corporate values and management principles.

Competency Based Recruitment:

Standard Chartered Bank

Competency Based Recruitment:
Standard Chartered Bank
Company Information

Standard Chartered Bank


Head quartered at London ,UK



Presence in countries



1700 offices


Sir John Peace



Number of employees

87000 Direct, 100000 Contractual

Annual revenue

US $ 19.71 Billion (2014)

Estimated Assets

£33 Billion

CBR Management

Global HR Teams ( HRRSC )

Country Responsible

Head Of HR

CBR Management

Cross Functional Collaborations

Standard Chartered PLC

Is a British multinational banking and services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom.
It operates a network of over 1,700 branches and outlets (including subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures) across more than 70 countries and employs around 87,000 people. It is a bank with operations in consumer, corporate and institutional banking, and treasury services. Despite its UK base, it does not conduct retail in the UK, and around 90% of its profits come from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.
Standard Chartered has a primary listing on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE
100 Index.
It had market of approximately £33 billion as of 23 December 2011, the…...

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